The Concealer I Wish I Discovered Ages Ago…

I don’t tend to stray from concealer to concealer, I find what I like and then I stay put. But there are things that really put me off – concealers that crease, bad packaging and the wrong undertones. Usually, awkward packaging is something I can get over/get around, but after being on my second tube of the Maybelline FIT Me concealer, I had had enough! *stomps on the ground*

It is your normal twisty open tube with a doe foot applicator, all normal nothing to see here. But when you open the tube and pull the applicator out, some of the product collects at the top of the tube where the opening is and this happens EACH TIME YOU USE IT. It ends up getting so messy it’s unusable and impossible to travel with. It was only when I leapt into the Alternative Concealers Pool where I discovered that there are usually much better options for you skin (and your patience).

*in saunters the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer, giving it some sass*…
Naked Skin Concealer

This Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Concealer has changed my concealer game for good. I chose the shade Medium Neutral and was bang on (after trying the tester) and found that it’s very likely that I had, up until that point, been using a concealer that was way too light for my skin.

There is no problem with the packaging of this product – paying more for this concealer (£17.50 instead of £6ish for the Maybelline) gives you a firm close, a sturdy applicator and sufficient suction to stop concealer squirting out.

Most importantly, the finish, pigment and staying power of this concealer is why I love it so much. The formula is thick but not overwhelming – it is full of pigment and can really transform your under eye area. A little goes a long way and it even has quite a nice scent! (weird)

Urban Decay Concealer - Medium Neutral

Once set with powder, this concealer will not be going anywhere! I had a chat with the Debenhams sales assistant and she swore by this too. At the end of the day, if set well your concealer should be exactly where you left it as you were rushing out of the door this morning!

Have you tried this concealer?

How much does bad packaging put you off? 

Thanks for reading!

Roshni 🙂 xxx

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