Zoella Beauty Haul!

Hello Everyone! 🙂 Today I have an exciting haul to show you, it’s only the entire range of newly launched Zoella Beauty! For those of you who don’t know, Zoe Sugg is a British Youtuber who has worked her way up the Youtube mountain to the very peak, having over 6 million subscribers to her main channel alone. She has a blog that she has kept going for many years, and she has just recently launched her own range of beauty and skin care products. You can get the range from either Superdrug, or Feel Unique, with prices starting from £5 :).


I’m not going to write a lengthy wordy post on these products as you might find that boring…so what I will do is just run down the products I like the most so far: The Zoella make up bag is brilliant, the gold detailing on the zip makes it seem really fancy (ooh), and the colour choices are really bright and on trend. There is one with a guinea pig on it, but I opted for the one with the graphic eyes! It is the perfect length to fit in make up brushes (elaborate yet impractical picture below) and the lining is light orange, so you don’t need to worry too much about getting the inside covered in foundation or concealer as it is unlikely it’ll show.


The candle is really lovely, I like that it’s held in a little tin, as candles that you get in glass casings often get burn marks on the side of them and end up looking a bit sorry for themselves. The scent is quite fresh, and not ‘old granny’ floral in the slightest. It isn’t a strong smell once it is lit, but just enough so that when you walk into a room you can smell it (but it doesn’t whack you round the face and say ‘HELLO I AM HERE’. )


The third and final thing I have used from this range so far is the ‘Blissful Mistful’ body mist, which is in the most adorable packaging (complete with rose gold cap). Obviously for a body mist the most important thing (and objective) is the smell. It has a slightly orangey scent, but like the candle is very fresh and clean smelling – best description ever, I know. The only downside to this is the spray head, with a body mist it tends to be very wet because it is not like a perfume. Having said that, you can always spray onto your wrists and rub onto your neck etc, which works just as well.


The remaining parts of the range (body lotion, bath soak and fizz bar) I haven’t used properly yet, but I will update this post as and when I do. All in all, I think this range is really well thought out, from the scents to the packaging, and I think she’s made a brilliant little platform that she can build and add to as she grows in success and popularity. Affordable, practical yet beautifully designed, this range is great for christmas presents, birthdays and general treating yourself!


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