What I’ve Learned about Blogging, so far…

Happy Sunday!

Recently, I’ve started to see a lot more posts focused on ‘Blogging Tips’ and ‘How To Start a Blog’ circulating around the Beauty Blogosphere.  Instead of doing a general post I thought I’d do a more personal one to talk about some of the things I’ve discovered, trust me I’m going to be pretty honest.

Prepare yourselves.

(I’m currently listening to 90s garage while I write this so sorry if it goes a bit awry).


Firstly, anyone who has their own blog and a posting routine will know that you aren’t always in the mood to write. Times like this, in the past I have tried to write but I am just not happy with the standard of what I’m writing at all (OMG Blu Cantrell just came on). For me, the biggest thing to remember is no to be too hard on yourself when you do get these little non-bloggy moments. When you ARE in the mood, get writing and prepare a few posts in advance to get yourself a bit more organised. I think if you force the content, your readers will be able to tell too.


I find that when taking pictures for my blog, using a REALLY bright light helps to show the quality of products and a more detailed insight for the reader. This tip is especially important for people who don’t have a fancy Canon DSLR and might take photos using their phone, or Instagram. Bright, vivid pictures are really important, in a blogosphere that is filled with hundreds of thousands of beauty blogs it is important to stand out where you can.


One thing I’ve learned over the past few months is that blogging doesn’t HAVE to be expensive. You can get some really good deals on hosting and domains if you want to go self hosted. Also, not everyone wants to read reviews and hauls 24/7. This means you don’t need to go shopping and buy loads of products to review (unless you want to this is). So don’t be afraid to try more conversational blog posts, or even inspirational posts. It all helps for readers to get to know you better and those posts can have a bit more personality and can be a bit more fun to read.


This is really important: consistency. Consistency helps your readers get to know your posting schedule, in the same way that Youtubers’ have a schedule for their uploads. Knowing the popular times is always useful too. Obviously people are pretty damn busy these days, so at the same don’t get too disappointed if for some reason you miss the odd post here and there, but I’ve found on the whole it is much better to get posts prepared in advanced and even scheduled in. This helps MASSIVELY if you work full time too, use things like publicising to social media such as Twitter and Facebook making this easy peasy.


Everyone likes a good laugh. I’ve found that the people whose blogs I tend to read the most are generally quite funny people. As well as this, being honest and humble is important, making sure that this comes across in the tone of your writing. I think adding a touch of personality to each blog post will help to make you stand out from the rest and people will really get to know you. It can be easier said than done, but I try to write each post like I’m just talking to my friends :D.

By no means am I an expert on this, this is just my opinion and a little insight into what I’ve found when blogging over the past few months :).

What’s the one thing you’ve discovered about blogging that surprised you?

Thank you for reading

Rosh xxx

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