What Don’t You Leave The House Without?

For me, it used to be concealer and mascara and I guess I used to say ‘I can’t leave the house without these things’.

But fast forward a good 5 years or so and I can’t say I wouldn’t leave the house without it, because a lot of the time I do. I think as you grow older, you shed all the fucks you used to give. So when you are like, 100, you must look around at all the fucks that women have strewn carefree onto the floor and just smile.


Anyway, for me now (in my 26 year old state), concealer and mascara are my go to if I have very little time but I do want to put something on my face. Of course, you have to then set that concealer with powder so that you don’t end up being Creasy Miss Crease-bags.

Those two things are essentials for me and then according to how much time/commitment you have, things get added on it order of priority!

Let me give you a classic scenario:

Right, I’ll go to out to Boots. *puts on concealer, powder and mascara*

But, the sales staff at the counters always have such good eyebrows! *fills in eyebrows and applies eye brow gel*

Hang on a second, have you SEEN yourself with just brows… *adds a touch of blush*

Woah, woah, how will you slay if you don’t wing doe?! *spends 15 minutes trying to get winged liner even on both eyes*

BUT HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW I HAVE CHEEKBONES…HOWWWWWW *does full contour and applies highlighter*

Now it looks weird with no lipstick 🙁 *applies liquid lipstick quicktime*

…ends up having a full face of make up, perfectly done. And ends up leaving half an hour later than intended  :’)

Haha! This is more of a frequent occurrence than you would think – I’m sure it happens to other people too.

I’d be interested to know, what bits of your make up routine do you HAVE to do, or do you not care and just go out bare faced?!

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx

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