Week 1 – The Body Shop Advent Calendar!

Hello you lovely people!

We are getting truly into the Christmas spirit – with THREE advent calendars (two chocolate, one beauty) to open on the regs I can say that I am a very happy girl 🙂 (doors of joy people, doors of joy).

I can now introduce you to the little treats that I’ve received in the first week of my advent calendar! I gave you a little first peek post which you can read here. Now we have 5 days of products that I can show you!

So far I can say that I’m pleased with the treats I’ve had from the first few days of the calendar – it’s been really fun thinking about what could be inside the different sized boxes and I’ve loved opening them.

number 2

number 3

number 4

number 5

number 6

So we have had:

  • A little pot of Vitamin E Moisture Cream
  • Shea Body Butter
  • Black Kohl Eye Definer
  • Fuji Green Tea Body Wash
  • Pale Green Loofah!

My favourite items out of this week’s advent calendar has to be the Fuji Green Tea body wash because it smells WAY better than you would expect it to. It smells SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN CLEAN but in a really sophisticated, understated way like a subtle perfume. I can’t wait to use this – it looks very clarifying!

I can’t wait to show you what I get next week! 

Also, I have had a big issue getting over what happens each day. basically, I thought that someone at the Body Shop would have had to the job to check the format of the boxes so that they didn’t all fall into a big mess.

Welllll lookee here!



Hahahaha, that’s all for today!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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