Ways to Relax When It’s Dark Outside

So we are getting to that point in the year where, when you get up in the morning IS DARK and when you get home after work IS DARK.

In the run up to Christmas, there are a few things that I like to do, that might seem very simple, but they are perfect ways to relax. Whether you are stressing about work, family, Christmas or romance, take a few minutes out of your day to chill the hell out!


1. Make yourself a Nutella Hot Chocolate

If you read other people’s posts about their favourite things to do, they may say “Woo go make a hot chocolate yeah!” but I on the other hand, am telling you to make yourself a NUTELLA hot chocolate. They are delicious!

All you need is a few blobs of nutella, some milk, and a microwave. Blob the nutella into a mug, pour in milk and leave some stirring space inside it. Warm in the microwave for 30 seconds, then take out and stir. Warm for another minute and stir. Then you should see the chocolate spread mixing with the milk, then warm for another 30 seconds if you like it freakishly hot!

2. Treat yourself to a Lush Bath

If you are a fan of Lush bath bombs and shower goodies, then having a special Lush bath is a great way to unwind. It keeps you warm first of all and it also means you can take some time to relax and soak any pains or aches away. It makes you sound old to realise this, but sometimes a bit of peace and quiet is just what you need!

3. Light a few candles and paint your nails

Sometimes this can even include some Youtube to have on in the background :). Lighting candles is a very therapeutic thing and if you have a few candles on in your room while you do something relaxing, it’s an excellent way to TELL yourself you are relaxing. Painting your nails with your favourite autumnal shade will mean you look ‘done’ AND you’ve relaxed a bit.

4. Curl up with a (enter autumnal colour) fleece blanket and watch some crap TV

So, I have a teal fleece blanket. It’s my favourite ever blanket and it lives at the end of my bed. Some days when I’m ill, sleepy, or stressed I will sit with said blanket and relax. Watching crap TV is another layer to make you feel better, it’s like a secret second blanket, where if you use it, you will feel instantly better :D. Serious.

5. Put on a face mask!

This is probably the most stereotypical ‘PAMPER YOURSELF, YOU ARE A WOMAN’ kinda thing to say but HEY, men out there if you fancy a face mask you knock yourself out. Putting on a face mask isn’t the most relaxing thing on this list for me, but it does make you stop and spend some time on your skin. When you are stressed or tired, your skin can show it the most. So taking the time to rub in your moisturiser for longer, spend time applying a cleansing face mask, and taking it off using a warm damp flannel will make you feel chilled and it’ll give your skin a helping hand :).

I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about my favourite ways to relax in the run up to winter!

Thanks for reading y’all 🙂

Roshni xxx


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