Want longer eyelashes? My Review of Flash Eyelash Serum…

Hello Everyone 🙂

A while ago (around 2-3 months) I was kindly sent the Flash Eyelash Growth Serum by their PR team and I was very intrigued! I am blessed with quite long eyelashes anyway but I thought if it can improve the thickness and volume then that’s amazing. They recommended trying this for 8 weeks and then reporting back on the success.


This serum is a clear, gel like consistency that you run along your upper lash line – which dries and works it’s magic (so’s the claim). It is recommended to use this in the morning and night…but I have to say I was a very bad blogger and used it sporadically throughout these 8 weeks.

Here are my lashes as they are normally:


Firstly, I’ll tell you a bit about my results. I don’t personally think I’ve used this religiously enough to give it a fair trial, but I hope to use this consistently no matter what for at least 2 weeks to see if I can notice any change. At first, when I had started to use it consistently for ONE WHOLE WEEK – I felt like my lashes were thicker and they looked really long when I curled them with my eyelash curlers (Shu Uemera). But it was after this that my routine went downhill :(…

The reason I stopped using it so quickly is because:

  • I kept forgetting 🙁
  • I did not like the wet feeling on my eyelids
  • The point above, times two

This was a major turn off for me – if it dried quicker and without a sheen I would have made much more of an effort to keep going with it! I’d have put an after picture up but seriously there is no change :(.

They actually have a 90 day money back guarantee so to be honest, you could try this and if it didn’t work for you you wouldn’t be any worse off…but so far I haven’t seen enough results to make it a permanent fixture on my dressing table!

Have you tried any lash growth serums?

Thank you for reading,

Roshni xxx


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