Types of Beauty Shoppers

Sometimes just thinking about going shopping (any kind of shopping) is a bit like this:

This is my second favourite WhatsApp face 🙂

This is mostly because it’s either going to be really busy, you can’t be bothered or you don’t want to get out of your pyjamas. I started to think about the different types of beauty shoppers and realised there’s probably a few that you guys will all recognise as you are out and about in Boots or Mac. This is a fun little post that will hopefully make you chuckle and go ‘omg’ next time you go out shopping.


1. The woman in MAC who insists on watching EVERY SINGLE lipstick on the counter even though you already know the shade of the one you want. She’s just hogging space, greedy cow.

2. The young girl approaching the Dior, YSL and Chanel counters with baited breath, being too scared to touch anything for fear of losing £100 in one swift move. (This used to be me).

3. The woman in Boots who crouches down right in front of the Soap & Glory display, consequently blocking the products that you want to grab and go. I know they smell good but jeez get a move on.

4. The rich mothers shopping in Space.NK on the regs, like they’re picking up milk and an avocado from Tesco.

5. The gaggle of teenage girls in Boots floating around the Miss Sporty and Barry M counters with their pocket money jingling in their little zippy purses.

6. The older woman in Debenhams who’s looking at the discounted make up sets for a gift for a distant female relative. Really, she has no idea what she’s looking at.

Can you think of any other beauty shopper stereotypes? 🙂

Thanks for reading

Roshni xxx

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