Top 7 Make Up Sins

Sometimes when I walk around the shops, or around town, I see things.

I see things that make me shudder a little inside…and although a few of these I am probably guilty of as well, I thought it would be fun to list the top 7 make up sins. Are you guilty of any of these? 🙂

images from google...not my own photo stream *phew*
images from google…not my own photo stream *phew*


This one might not be as common for some of you readers, as you are all actively interested in make up and probably make sure you do it right. Far too many times have I seen girls with what look like caterpillars across their lash line. I get it, when you go to put on your new false eyelashes you get excited and want to put them on straight away. Please remember, if you have narrow eyes,  hold the strip of false eyelashes up against your eye and trim them to size! Or they end up going south at the ends, and this will just make you look like that Droopy dog called…Droopy. TRIM THEM FROM THE OUTSIDE EDGE INWARDS!


We have ALL probably seen this one before. Being brown, I don’t tend to suffer from this very much as the colour matches of my foundations tend to be good, or I just don’t wear it at all. The solution to that orange tidal mark around your jaw line is to BLEND your foundation down into your neck as well. If there is no blending, you end up looking like you have been tangoed and then sucked into a giant hoover nozzle and spat back out. You now have my permission to stop picturing that scene.


Heading down a similar route to the above Sin, I have to say I have probably been guilty of this when trying to jump on the Contour Bandwagon to Cheeksboneville. As I’ve probably mentioned lots of times before, my face is perfectly and annoyingly spherical, and trying to find my cheekbones is like trying to find your keys in a gutter (strange analogy I know). Having finally learnt how to contour with a darker, colder toned brown shadow rather than an orangey based bronzer, I need to remember again to blend blend blend. Or I will start to resemble a tiger cub with facial markings. RAR.


Now, I don’t feel right if I haven’t pencilled my eyebrows in. I have eyebrows. They are dark coloured so you can actually see them before hand. Still, I don’t feel right if they are left untouched. The difficulty I have is when you use a smaller mirror in order to get your eyebrows PERFECTLY pencilled in…and then you put the small mirror away and look at a normal mirror from a further distance. They have mutated from the gentle, arching face-framing brows to large, thick and harshly lined evil caterpillars. The key here, is to look into a normal mirror every now and then to make sure you aren’t going OTT.


Again, this can be the trouble with looking into a smaller, or more close up mirror. When you are applying liquid eyeliner and you slowly start to build up that perfect line you have got, remember that the line is not meant to take up half of the width of your eyelid. Sisters all around will understand how hard it is to get your eyeliner to match, but that doesn’t mean making the line as thick as a slick of tippex across your lid!


I love MAC Mocha blush as much as the next person, but if I apply too much it can easily give me the ruddy cheeked appearance of Hagrid from Harry Potter. Especially in the winter months you might want to go with a more grown up, darker toned blush, but don’t forget to compare it to your normal skin tone and apply it lightly to gradually build up.


Highlighter is meant to be used in certain areas, to create a subtle glow which can help you look healthier. However, if you get it wrong it can look like you have been in a fist fight with a glitter ball. I think buying cheap, coarse glitters as your highlight can be an easy trap to fall into. It’s worth spending a little bit more and getting a finer milled powder, and also sticking to the areas where it is meant to be used. This means brow bone, very tops of the cheekbones, cupids bow, slight sweep down the nose and that should be plenty :).

What are the most comment make up sins you have seen? Or which ones are YOU guilty of? I can hold my hands up to about 5 of these!

Thanks for reading,

Rosh x

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