Top 5 Things about Winter

Hello ‘Pressers!

Today is the 2nd of November, and it is really starting to feel like Christmas! It kind of feels like we are on the home stretch to Christmas now. This means it won’t be long before we can eat too much chocolate, wear onesies to a McDonald’s drive through and watching hours and hours of bad TV!

I thought I would give you guys a quick run down of the top 5 things I love about Winter/Christmas time. Some of these are beauty and fashion related, with a couple of random things thrown in :):


Be it a snuggly old jumper, a special Christmas onesie or the world’s most comfortable scarf, knitwear is having a big thing at Christmas. Particularly when you have Christmas jumper competition at work, or you go for a perfect winter stroll with a snuggly, soft warm scarf. One of my favourite pieces of knitwear is my Christmas jumper from Primark with a snuggly little polar bear on the front (think it was around £14 last year, and I’m sure they will have some new ones out this year). Another knitwear favourite is my New Look scarf, which may just be the SOFTEST SCARF IN THE UNIVERSE. It has a gorgeous combination of pastel pink, green and lilac, in a checked design (kind of like a picnic blanket) but I love it.




I have to admit, I am a bit of a magpie. This is generally in life, you wave something shiny near me and you will catch my eye darting around trying to work out 1. if it is pretty and 2. if I can wear it. One thing in particular is getting some (tasteful) bling, and one place that I love to experiment is nails. I love a good sparkly Christmas nail look. My favourites are Bourjois ‘Toppings” in Sun Scales, Barry M Glitter varnishes and Technic (Bodycare) varnishes. For a breakdown of a few of these, take a look at my ‘Autumn Nail Colours‘ post.




This might seem like a bit of a ‘moo’ points (anyone who watched Friends will know what I’m talking about) but I think that at Christmas time there is nothing better than sitting with a blanket and a steaming mug of hot chocolate or tea. Especially if you feel yourself getting ill, my personal favourite are cups of hot Indian homemade Chai, OR the limited edition Starbucks Salted Caramel hot chocolates- droooollllll.



I LOVE going to London around Christmas time. The atmosphere is electric, and as much as this is a cliché the buzz of walking around London seeing Christmas lights, being wrapped up in the aforementioned knitwear and spending time with loved ones really is special. In particular I love walking down Oxford street looking at the shop windows, and preparing for Christmas and stocking up on presents!



For me, although Christmas isn’t even related to Hinduism, we always celebrate Christmas with a few traditions. A few of these include making mince pies, me being in charge of Christmas day dessert (tarte tatin, anyone?) This is the time of year that all 5 of us are together at home, and as our family begins to grow it’s going to be lovely to have everyone at our house with smells of Christmas dinner and brilliant family arguments ringing throughout our house walls. It always gets to a point where we all know we have had enough time together and we start bickering, but that is all part and parcel of this time of year :).

I know this picture is of food…and wat?!

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