Top 5 Haircare Products

Today I thought I’d share my top 5 haircare products (just to mix it up a bit). There are so many beauty bloggers who rave about really high end products, but drug store equivalents are usually pretty good, and all of these products in this post are affordable,  easy to get hold of, and do wonders for my barnet.


Here is the run down (left to right, click the headers for links):


1. Phil Smith Argan Oil Transforming Cream

This little tube of wonderfulness was actually free in a magazine, and I have to say it is one of the best things I have ever used. AND it has lasted way longer than it should have. This argan oil cream is perfect to use once you have washed your hair. I use my Tangle Teezer and brush through my hair, smooth a small blob of this between my hands and run it through the mid lengths to ends of my hair. It doesn’t need rinsing out or anything, and you just dry your hair as normal. It smells like summer, coconut and general goodness, and leaves your hair mega soft. Unfortunately I’m not too sure where you can get this now…I’m just hoping mine is like Mary Poppin’s bag and will never end…


2. The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz…something

I think my sister introduced me to this product, and it’s been a staple in my stash for a very long time. This product is ideal if you tend to straighten your hair a lot (as i do). When you get a few flyways (or the odd perfectly vertical hair in the middle of your head), rub a bit of this between your fingers and use it to smooth them down. This also smells summery and a bit cocoa like, and you only need a tiny bit so it lasts FOR AGES.


3. L’oréal Studioline Volume Supersizing Spray

This stuff is brilliant! I found this because I was desperately trying to restrain myself from buying the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which costs a mighty £39! Although the L’Oréal spray probably doesn’t smell as good as the Oribe, it is perfect for adding a bit of texture if you want a more matte hair look. It still smells pretty nice, and in a way acts a little as a dry shampoop (that was on purpose). At a measly THREE POUNDS AND SEVENTY NINE PENCE, I would say try this before you go and part with a chunk of your daily wages on anything too high end.


4. TreSemmé Heat Protect Mist

I’ve tried quite a few heat protectants, and this is my favourite. There was one utterly atrocious Schwarzkopf spray I once tried and it felt like someone had thrown chewing gum in my hair, but alas, we can’t have it all. This spray is quite water based, and because of this it is easy to brush through, and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or chewing gummy in the slightest. I am a big fan of TreSemmé products generally, and this did not disappoint.


5. Umberto Gianni Leave In Conditioner

This leave in conditioner is probably my favourite of all. It is a spray, so it’s really easy to use and spray on the mid lengths to ends of your hair. It smells GORGEOUS, and works really well if you leave it in overnight. When you rinse it out you really feel like it has ‘done good’. Tip – if you are going on holiday and want to give your hair a rest from sun damage or chlorine damage, give it a wash and spray this in. Leave it overnight and put your hair into plaits, and the next day you’ll have really wavy, conditioned hair.

ALSO, no hair care post is complete without a little shout out to the best of them all, the humble Tangle Teezer.

Oh Tangle Teezer, you liberate me from Frizzdomhood and Knotsville…AND YOU HAZ GLITTER


This bank holiday weekend I have given my hair a bit of a rest, with a good old chop to sort the ends out and I’ll be using the leave in condition above to make sure my dip dyed ends don’t get dry. Time to break out the hair pineapple, a cup of tea and youtube! Ahh bank holiday well spent…

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