The Universally Loathed Concealer Palette *sniff*

Hi Guys!

It feels good to write a post on a Sunday, with a cup of tea – this feels like the right way to blog. I wanted to talk about this little Nyx Concealer Palette on Roshni Reviews today and it’s a real shame, because everyone HATES this.

Like, no one has told me they like this palette. It’s a real shame because usually Nyx products are great – so affordable, great quality and high performance. But this palette – I feel for it, because there is no love in the blogosphere for this poor, little palette…

Nyx Concealer Palette

This palette was £10 (I bought mine from Boots online, when Nyx wasn’t available in any Boots stores) and it has an array of fleshy tones to help you colour correct, conceal and contour. It was only yesterday that I discussed his palette with a fellow beauty blogger in Instagram comments and I was so taken aback that so many people disliked it, that I had to do a post about it.

You can actually see from the picture above that the Weird Jaundice colour is the only one I haven’t swatched. I don’t think I’m missing out on much, tbh.

Nyx Concealer Palette - Poor!

The big problem I, and all other bloggers seem to have with this palette is that the consistency is so thick. It’s quite hard to actually get product out and even in my swatch (read down) it looks cakey. If it looks cakey on my fingers imagine what it looks like on the skin.

It’s hard to get out product with a brush too – you can see my pained brush strokes in the pans above and this has led to me just abandoning the palette in frustration and picking up a normal concealer.

NYX Concealer Palette - Swatches

The shades seem like they are almost there – I think the salmon colour in the bottom right and the warm toned beige in the top right look quite nice, but this is a bit useless if the formula is pants.

By all means, please don’t let this taint your opinion of Nyx products in general because I’ve definitely raved about their products before. Not long ago I did a haul, all with products that I absolutely loved!

This is a one off, this poor little lonely, unloved palette.

Have any of you guys taken a look at this palette?! What are your thoughts?

Come on, throw your opinion into the cauldron, in the comments below! 🙂 …

Love Roshni xxx

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