The Unicorn Nail Varnish – ‘Leia’ by Zoya


I’d never heard of the brand Zoya before. But a little gander on the Beauty Bay website brought me a whole PAGE of Zoya’s to browse and this one, in this beautiful unicorn, mermaid-esque shade really caught my eye.

This is very white in the bottle, but when you move this bottle around in the light you get this iridescent, lilac toned glitter. It’s SO PRETTY and it catches the light and reminds you your nails look lovely! This looks great on longer nails – very chic and glamorous.


In the first coat, this looks a bit WAN. Why does the word wan remind me of the moon?! But when you get to the second and third coats, you can see the colour starting to build up. It never gets to the white of the bottle but that doesn’t matter – in the picture above you can see what it ends up looking like!


These polishes are quite large actually, you get ALOT of product in the bottle so I’d make sure you get a colour that you know you will like. This bottle cost me £11, but this polish was actually part of a limited edition range by Zoya! You get a whopping 15ml in each bottle which is pretty hefty for a nail polish and they are amazing quality!

What do you think to this shade? 🙂

I love it!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Rosh xxx

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