The Understated Christmas Manicure

Hi All!

I thought I would do a quick post on my favourite style of understated manicure, that still has that something special about it for Christmas. Nude nail polishes are having a thing at the moment, along with muted grey taupes and beiges. These can look so chic, and help to elongate your fingers.

My version of an understated Christmas manicure uses a muted beige from Rimmel and a touch of sparkle with a Barry M Glitter tip:

Rimmel 500 ‘Caramel Cupcake’ and Barry M 350 ‘Diamond Glitter’

I sometimes find it difficult to pin point the exact nude that will suit my skin tone, as often they can end up too similar to the shade of my skin. This can make the polish look too orangey, or too cool toned. The Rimmel shade is a lovely and rather non-offensive nude that will suit most skin tones. It has a taupe-y tone to it, so won’t come off too orange.

Here are the products that I used:

Please don’t think I’m a tramp for the weird marks on the Rimmel lid, that is actually where I’ve shut the polish SO tight I have had to open it with my TEETH. Yes, you heard right. Teeth.

The Rimmel polish has a wide brush which makes it easy to use, so about two coats of this is perfect to build up an opaque colour.

Then, once that is 3/4 dry, I used the Barry M Glitter to gently press some of the polish onto the tips.

I find the best way to do this is to put on a really thin layer on each nail, then go back and layer it a little bit more. This means that you won’t end up with a lump of polish at the end of the nail (which won’t dry and will probably end up smeared on your face by freak accident).

Finish with a layer of Seche Vite and you are good to go! (Also, this will look great on people who like to wear silver rings…I am not a massive ring person so I don’t bother…looks great with or without!)


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