‘The Ultimate Mask Experience’?! Beauty Sheet Masks

Hands up who has used those cheapo peel off beauty face masks expecting your brand new shiny face to be revealed?

Gone are the lurid blue peel off masks and now we welcome hydrating sheet masks, designed to keep skin moisturized for longer and keep the skin healthy.


I’ve never really believed that face masks can do that much, but I was very kindly gifted a ‘Timeless Truth’ Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask and thought it’s time to give one a go!

The Charcoal Brightening Mask claims to be:

‘a breakthrough in skin care technology…to brighten, smooth, firm and hydrate the skin. The black powder impregnated in the cloth is the product of Bamboo Charcoal Extract…proven to be highly absorbent and deep cleansing’

Foof! What I understand from this is that it’s gon’ make your face look good! The company itself sounds like a science based cosmetology company so if things sound a bit formal and essay-esque I think that’s why.


The sheet mask is quite reasonably priced at £4.90 usually and the packaging is lovely and luxurious. The actual sachet has that silky feel which instantly makes you think that the product is going to feel really nourishing on the skin (even without opening the packet).

One thing I noticed when opening the packet was that the mask is very wet! I saw this as a good thing in fact, because it shows the company haven’t scrimped on the serum that is ‘impregnated’ (wat) into the sheet mask. It did look a bit like a star wars helmet but once you apply it (they advise chin first) it does feel really lovely.

My favourite way of smoothing the mask against my skin was to gently smooth my finger tips over the mask, which felt very relaxing. After 15 – 20 minutes I removed the mask and my skin felt lovely and soft! If you gently massage the remaining serum into your face and neck after you make the most of the product.

I would love to buy a few of these for a girly pamper session (because obviously that’s what all girls do when the strong men are at work) not to adhere to stereotypes but these would be a great treat after a long week.

Take a look at the masks from www.thebeautymask.co.uk and treat yourself to a soothing sheet mask!

Roshni xxx

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