The Ultimate Eyelash Curler

For years and years I had used the same cheap eyelash curlers that I had bought when I was a teenager. I had bought them from Boots, just simple ones that had seen their best days!

Then, the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers waltzed their chrome-y way into my life. They are so beautiful! Well designed so they fit snugly in your hand, and the black silicone pad is so comfortable and gentle when you close the curlers.


I was so used to the more flimsy, well worn pad on my old eyelash curlers that I was really surprised at what a difference a good silicone pad would make. To be honest, I was probably being a bit rough in the way that I used to use my old ones, and what I noticed the most was that you hardly need to apply any pressure in order to get a good curl.


I think using these, I won’t actually have to curl my eyelashes every day. I am quite lucky as I have naturally long eyelashes, and actually I doubt I will want to ruin these curlers by curling my lashes AFTER putting on mascara!

These curlers seem like a worthwhile investment to me, and will probably last a lifetime! They will probably last much better than my old ones :p

Also it came with a little cat charm which is apparently meant to look like Karl Lagerfeld’s cat?!


Thanks for reading!

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