The Top 5 Ickiest Make Up Facts

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I was putting on some false eyelashes the other day, when something I had known all along finally registered within my brain. After thinking about it for some time, I realised there are quite a few generally icky things that we either have to use as part of our make up routines, or have to put up with!

*these are facts..loosely translated as things that I think need to be spoken about, you won’t find them on wiki or anything*



  1. Why why why does eyelash glue have to smell SO BAD. It’s like God’s punishment for wanting eyelashes that are longer and thicker. Even the good brands like Duo stink…they smell like…fish. It’s so disgusting it ALMOST makes me stay away from falsies (not really, I’m a soldier).
  2. Mascara eye goop! I was watching that episode of Friends where Chandler goes out with one of Rachel’s friends and he felt weird about her mascara eye goop. Guaranteed in the morning when you are getting ready for work, at some point (usually when you actually open your mouth to talk to another human being) eye goop starts to collect in the corner of your mascara’d eye. Yick.
  3. Poorly set foundation/concealer! If you don’t have a good foundation/concealer and touch your face, but then touch something white, it will get ruined. What’s worse is if you have a terrible foundation, you scratch your face or if someone was to wipe a finger down it, EVERYONE would be able to see the difference in skin colour. Terrible.
  4. OMG the taste of make up wipes when you have to take off lipstick with them. If you are using baby wipes it’s less disgusting, but if you are using proper make up wipes then nothing will save you. There’s no avoiding that horrific taste of the make up cleansing wipe, I do not want to taste soap thank you very much but I need a way of taking off this lipstick. Gah!
  5. Why the hell does lipstick ALWAYS end up on your teeth. This one is less disgusting, it’s just pure annoying. It doesn’t taste nice, it’s usually there the whole evening and you’re wandering around oblivious smiling like a cheshire cat.

Hope you enjoyed reading these and being put off your breakfast by them! MMMMMMM

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