The Skincare Range I Hope They Never Discontinue…

I had never really used a lot of Clinique products before this range, I only discovered the ‘Take The Day Off’ cleansing balm in the last couple of years (it’s still not finished yet, that product lasts forever!)

About 3-4 months ago I decided to try a more high end moisturiser because I have always had very dry skin throughout most of my life. I heard about the Clinique ‘Moisture Surge’ skincare range, so these words moisture (and surge) made me very excited. I tried the ‘Extended Thirst Relief’ moisturiser, which is essentially a gel cream formula that feels SO luxurious to use I would end up putting on a little more than I actually need just to enjoy it sinking in.

I ended up repurchasing the moisturiser recently, but my order qualified for a free sample set, that made me very happy indeed!

The set came in a great mini silvery mesh make up bag, which is no where near big enough to fit my make up in but will be great for travelling. I got sample sizes of the same moisturiser, the eye cream, a mask and a tinted moisturiser.




Starting with the Moisture Surge extended thirst relief gel cream (woah that is a mouthful), I have obviously already tried it and LOVE this stuff. It keeps even MY desert dry skin hydrated all day, and was a real saviour in the winter. Although you’d assume you might want something lighter in spring I actually think this moisturiser would be fine to carry on using as it is a gel based formula, so will still be really light. I’m going to use this for when I’m travelling so I don’t have to take my large pot with me :).


This eye cream is oddly a different colour and consistency to the rest of the range, but still has a beautiful cooling effect. I pat this round my eye area with the paddy bit of my ring finger, and although it is slightly more tacky feeling than the gel facial cream, it still feels lovely and hydrates the eye area.

If anyone wants to know I have the newest Space.NK magazine as my backdrop 🙂

NOW, this stuff is bloody brilliant. It is an overnight mask version of the cream, and what I have found is my favourite way to use this, is if I ever have a dry patch of skin, or a particularly problem area this works best as an overnight treatment. I find that targeting areas with this is much better than applying it all over (plus it is only a teeny tiny sample tube so this works nicely). As you would assume, this is much thicker than the gel cream but still feels gorgeous when applying to the skin.


This brings me to the final product in the sample set, which is this tinted moisturiser. I haven’t actually used this yet, and feel a bit apprehensive as most of the tinted moisturiser samples. or foundation samples I have used usually do not suit my darker skin tone and are suited mostly to very fair skin tones. Now, this one says it is for ‘All skin types’ but we will have to see as I am very sceptical…I will keep you updated! Very curious to see what the formula is like as well.

I hope you enjoyed reading this…what is your favourite moisturiser?

(I can keep my options open for when my massive pot of moisture surge runs out!)

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Roshni xx

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