The Mother of All Purse Upgrades


So I have a very exciting post for you today. Anyone who has seen me pay for shiz knows that my purse is battered. It’s from Primarni (my sister got it for me for Christmas in circa 1897). I knew I needed a new purse but hadn’t seen anything that I liked at all.

Then I went on Twitter. Then Kate Spade tweeted and said there was a sale. There was a further 30% off the sale items.

I went on the site and thought everything is pretty but I can’t afford you!! A little black patent number caught my eye (this sounds like some horrid, seedy date) and I looked at the price (date has taken a sinister turn) and was sold!

This is the beauty that I bought:


This is such a pretty wallet, it it shiny and has gorgeous gold detailing. It has an outer zip for change, and it has a popper which reveals the centre. It has MORE than enough compartments for my gazillion loyalty cards, and then two sides for notes.

When I opened the wallet I was pleased to see it had lovely polkadot lining! (Lining pleases me).

Here are a few close ups!


I am in love with this purse and feel so fancy (!) when I whip this out when I’m paying for my packet of Skips and a scratch card at the shop.

I love Kate Spade and have a phone case (iPhone 5) from the designer brand and I just love the simple designs and chic finishes and details.

Oh, by the way, if you want to see my shamed purse that I had before this one…here you go:


*hides face*

Have you seen any amazing purses or bags that you can link me? I promise to drool profusely over them :D.

Thanks for reading 🙂




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