The Dumbest Eyebrow Revelation…

But it’s an important one.

A Superdrug beauty haul went up on my channel a yesterday (I’ll leave you a link near the bottom of this here post) and in it I said how I went to Superdrug to get an eyebrow pencil but left with everything but the eyebrow pencil *sniff* :'(.

What that meant was that I had nothing left to do my eyebrows, other than some nubby old eyebrow pencils, a dried out ABH Dipbrow Pomade and some old eyeshadows.

Little did I know that my running out of Eyebrow Pencil situation was going to make me realise something very important.


For a long time now, I’ve had a sparse little bit at the front of one of my brows where not very much hair grows. This comes from years of plucking my eyebrows and thinking YEAH THEY LOOK GREAT THAT FAR APART YAY! YEAH!

I had tried brushing coconut oil through that part to encourage growth, which seemed like it was helping and then I couldn’t be bothered anymore so I just stopped. Then I just continued to fill them in with my trusty brow pencil.

Now my pencils have all run out, I went back to a very old Brow Solution which was to use a brown eyeshadow and an angled eyeshadow brush to fill in my brows. I have a PERFECT match for a shadow in my Lorac Pro Palette (Espresso is my jam) and this has been the way I’ve filled my brows in for the past few weeks.

Cue the life changing revelation…*revelation shuffles into shot sheepishly* I have now realised that when I was ‘letting my eyebrows grow’ and using an eyebrow pencil I was probably damaging any new hairs growing in the sparse bit of my brow.

What I’ve realised is that by using an eyeshadow which is soft and gentle, with a soft and gentle eyeshadow brush it has meant that my skin hasn’t been roughly pressed (like with the nib of an eyebrow pencil). As a consequence I think I’ve had better eyebrow hair growth there than by using a pencil which is awesome!

So for me that is a key BROW MESSAGE. If your brows have patches but you know you are still getting some growth there – opt for a powder to fill in your brows for a bit because I’m pretty sure you will end up with more growth than when you are grazing that area with a hard eyebrow pencil!

You can thank me later…in clean angled brushes if you prefer 🙂 (I know I do)

Here’s my latest video BTW!

Have you found any revelatory eyebrow stories/experiences that have changed your life!?!

Thanks for reading people!

Roshni xxx

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