The Chic Way to do Glitter

For a glam post New Year’s manicure, look no further than this Tanya Burr ‘New York Night’ and No7 glitter combo.

I know that glitter is more suitably reserved for Christmas and party season, but there is no reason you have to leave the glitter behind.

Particularly, if combined with a really chic dark mauve, which looks great with yellowy gold toned glitters like the No7 one I have used below.

This nail look is SO easy to do because of the sturdiness of the No7 brush. All you need to do is apply two coats of ‘New York Night’ to build up the opacity, and finish with one thick stripe of the No7 or any dense glitter top coat down the centre of the nail.

Can anyone tell I like the dark purple polish? It’s not like I’ve used it about 20 times since Christmas or anything…

I can’t stress how easy this manicure is as long as you have the right tools. A sturdy brush on your glitter polish is necessary to make this look neat and tidy, if the glitter is not kept to the centre of the nail you risk it looking messy.

Here is the finished look, which would be perfect for your next evening out!

Like glittery bumblebees!
Like glittery bumblebees!

Thanks for reading!

Rosh x


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