The BEST Lipbalm In The Universe

Hey Guys! 

A ‘kind of’ repurchase has ignited a passion in my that I never thought would appear. A couple of years ago I spotted an Elizabeth Arden gift set on promotion and inside it there was a teeny sample sized tube of the Eight Hour Cream.

I was tempted so I ended up buying it and trying out the protectant as a lip balm – and KABLOOM my life was changed. (I feel like Gretchen Wieners trying to get a word to catch on).

This is technically described as a Skin Protectant – you can use this as a skin moisturiser, a lip balm, a barrier cream – it’s really good stuff. It is VERY expensive but I definitely think it is worth it if you get really dry skin or chapped lips in the winter.

It’s an amber coloured salve, which is ideal for moisturising your lips and bringing them back from the brink of the dry desert plains.

I bought my full sized version from Feel Unique and there was 10% off Elizabeth Arden at the time – normally it costs £27 but you might be able to find smaller versions.

You can also get a perfume free edition but I just got the normal one – the scent isn’t too strong so actually I find it pretty bearable.

Have you tried the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream before? What do you think of it?

Thanks for reading peoples!

Rosh 🙂 xxx

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