The Best Damn Highlighter…EVER

Anastasia Glow Kit - Sundipped

Even when this is CLOSED it looks awesome…

I had originally bought this Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit because I intended to give it away as part of hitting 200 subscribers on my Youtube channel (shameless plug, go have a look)But then, disaster struck…

I am awful for putting my clothes away at the end of the day so there was a small mound sitting on top of my cabinet. The Glow Kit was perched on top of these.

While I was prepping some blog posts (I’m committed, you know) I heard a thud and it was my Glow Kit. On the floor. Dead. 

I rushed to its side. *PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE* I think I was lucky actually because they cracked but didn’t explode everywhere. You can see the damage below:

Anastasia Glow Kit Sundipped Swatches

**moonstone was worst hit. Sniff. 

You can see the absolutely crazy pigment of these powders in my swatch above! I was seriously blown away by this kit and it’s as though fate came and blew a gust of wind out of the kindness of its heart so that I would get to try this bad boy myself.

By the way I managed to resolve the cracking by pressing down on the powders really hard with my finger to press it back into place. It worked!!

You have two bronze highlights on the left and two more iridescent yellowy toned highlights on the right. They are ALL beautiful but I have to say for darker skin like mine, Tourmaline is the most amazing colour with a glorious sheen.

I think in the picture below I had mixed all 4 shades because I was so excited but seriously, you can see how awesome these are. You obviously get 4 shades and actually I think it’s worth the £39 that I paid (mine is from Cult Beauty). 

Anastasia Sundipped Glow Kit - Moonstone

Here’s one more for the road 🙂

ABH Glow Kit

If you are on the lookout for a new highlight I can tell you this palette is most definitely worth it and I have been wearing this literally every day!

Have any of you guys got this palette?! What do you think?

Love, Roshni xxx

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