The Best Contour Powder I’ve Ever Used?!

Hi Guys!

Intriguing blog post title, I know…

I’ve always been intrigued with the whole contouring and highlighting craze – it mostly stems from having a perfectly spherical moon face, so you can understand my fascination!

Many contour powders have graced the shiny interior walls of my make up Muji drawers, but few have stayed the test of time to become a permanent favourite. The closest I’ve got to a favourite has to be the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (£49), which is a contour and highlight duo – even that isn’t the longest lasting contour on me and in the words of Kathleen Lights, ‘dass esspenssiiii!’

One product I had heard many people raving about was from the brand The Balm Cosmetics and it was a contour powder called ‘Bahama Mama’. This sounded like the perfect cool-ish toned bronzer/contour powder for medium skin tones, so when I was approached by Just My Look to review a few products I jumped at the chance to try this contour powder.

Just My Look offer an amazing spread of brands covering nail, skin and haircare AND make up, so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re a beauty junkie like me! P.S they offer free delivery too 😀

I decided to try the Bahama Mama Bronzer (£14.50), the Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush (£15.50) and the VERY famous Mary-Lou Manizer (£15) for a deliciously shimmery highlight to top it all off. I first tried the Balm Desert bronzer/blush and I could easily see why alot of people use this as a blush as it’s slightly more reddy toned than some bronzers/contour powders. This makes it a really lovely product to wear instead of a traditional blush and it’s great on medium skin tones. (I found that Just My Look were actually the cheapest retailer I could find these products!!)

This was the moment when I realised just how long lasting powder products from The Balm are…the first time I wore Bahama Mama I remember looking in the mirror halfway through the day (I only apply bronzer once in the morning when I get ready) and I was amazed that I could still see it on my face!

Most bronzers wear off pretty quickly on me, but both the Balm Desert and Bahama Mama wear really well and the definition around my temples/cheekbones stayed nicely.

Bahama Mama is a slightly cooler toned bronzer but it’s not so grey that it makes you look dead – that’s a thumbs up for me, definitely! Bahama Mama has to be my favourite contour powder and I’ve actually been mixing it with my CT Filmstar Bronze and Glow to get it a tiny bit cooler for my cheekbones (and to make sure I use it!)

Here are swatches of the Bahama Mama and Balm Desert Bronzers:

Now then, onto the ultimate surprise with the product that made my eyes go wide when I applied it. The Mary-Lou Manizer REALLY impressed me. This is the smoothest powder, but the pay off on your skin is actually INSANE. It looks so beautiful that I think it would suit all skin tones, it’s not too golden or deep toned, not too icy white either but it reflects so nicely that you instantly feel like Beyoncé!

You get such a large pan that one Mary Lou-Manizer will last you a long long time, especially because a couple of dabs in the pan is enough to highlight your whole face! You can see it getting more intense as you sweep it over your high points on your face and the effect is beautiful. *insert heart eye emoji here*

Have you tried these contour and highlight saviours from The Balm?

What’s your favourite highlight to use?!

Thanks for reading peoples,

Rosh xxx

*Products have been gifted kindly by Just My Look, as always views are all my own and any reviews are honest. Just My Look offers a wide range of popular make up and haircare brands, go check them out!


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