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Warm Wednesday wishes to you all.

Today’s post is centred on jewellery; a self confessed magpie I am very interested in all things shiny, reflective but also minimalist at the same time. I was kindly sent two pairs of earrings to review by the fantastic Body Jewellery Shop. Their site is brilliant if you have various piercings such as belly button or nose piercing, but in particular it has some really chic earpiercing jewellery.

I am a bit of a wimp and don’t have any other piercings other than my ears pierced. (How many times can I say the word pierced). I once went with my friend Becky when she got her belly button pierced and I looked at the exact wrong time when the white bar was still in place of the body bar they were going to put in *shudder*. I got my ears pierced many moons ago, in India when I was very little, hence why they are wonky (thumbs up all round).

Moving onto the products I received samples of, I chose two very simple but beautiful stud sets. The first is my favourite out of the two, these are very shiny silver glitter stud earrings. These are an absolute bargain at only £1.99 and in the flesh they look much more expensive. What I really like about these is that they are eye catching but not too in your face, and the domed clear top really makes the silver bright.

Try not to look at my abnormally small ears

The second pair I chose were a cute little pair of stainless steel star earrings. These only cost £3.49, which is brilliant because if you think about somewhere like Accessorise on the high street these would cost at least £5. What I like about these is that they aren’t so small they could get lost in your ear hole, but they are simple and delicate and really great quality.


If only I was brave enough to consider a more adventurous piercing (by that I mean belly or nose, calm down erryone). Take a look at the site here if you want to, and have fun browsing all the different types or jewellery!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roshni xxx

***These products were sent to me, but all opinions and comments are my own***

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