Teal & Gold Accessories Pot – Crafty Sunday


So, I don’t know how many people know this but my favourite colour is TEAL. I love teal. It’s such a gorgeous colour, it’s gentle but when paired with strong colours like gold it can look really decadent and gorgeous.

My bedspread, phone cover, nail polishes, wall paper and some eyeliners are actually teal. I take it far, I know.

Today’s post is going to hopefully give you some inspiration to get a bit crafty! I don’t mean like manipulative or owt, I mean hands on, make-y and generally a customising queen (or king if you wish). I recently finished my Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub and rather than throw the pot away, once washed I thought it would actually serve as a very handy little pot for hair bands and bobby pins and things.

I popped to the Range and bought some beautiful teal and gold stickers that are domed so you can enjoy how press-y and bulbous they are. They were only around a £1 each so it was a real bargain and the end product looks worth it.


Once my Soap & Glory pot was all nicely washed out so there wasn’t any little exfoliator bits left in it at the bottom, I made sure it was really dry and clean.

There isn’t really a tutorial to the sticking, it is basically just to create your own pattern using two different colours, if you like use just one or more than two!

I started with the lid and created a little design in the centre and then added similar designs to the sides. I slowly built this up on the lid and the side to make a more embellished look. Be mindful that when you stick them on the side you are sticking a flat sticker to a rounded edge, so really press them down to make them stick.

I really love how this looks and it’s really versatile. You can use this kind of trinket box to store jewellery, hair accessories or even your make up brushes! (See below and prepare to be bedazzled…)


If you have your own crafty ideas I’d love to hear/see!

Thanks for reading popsicles and have a lovely Sunday :D.

Roshni xxx

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