Tanya Burr ‘Penguin Chic’ and ‘Celestial’…again.

I have returned to using Celestial as a top coat YET AGAIN.

It is definitely my most favourite glitter top coat of the moment, and probably my favourite polish that came from my Ciaté Christmas Advent Calendar (which makes sense as it was the biggest bottle!)

I decided to pair this with a more beige-y toned grey, which arrived in the form of a Christmas gift from my sister, Tanya Burr’s ‘Penguin Chic’.


Now, I have loved the other two Burr nail polishes that I have tried (both dark purples) but I have to say I am slightly disappointed with this polish.

It’s…grey. At most it’s greige.

When I heard about Tanya naming her polishes due to things she loved, I thought that was a really lovely sentiment. I also like penguins, but in particular I think it’s unfortunate that on asian skin, ‘Penguin Chic’ genuinely just looks grey.

Grey grey looks grey.

Also I have to note that even with Seche Vite over the top, the polish started to wear off around the tip after about a day.

Have a look below and judge for yourself, but I have to say I really prefer ‘New York Night’ and ‘Midnight Sparkles’ from her same range.



You’re gonna get sick of seeing my teal blanket. Sorry.

What’s your favourite Tanya Burr polish?

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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