Tanya Burr ‘New York Night’ and Ciaté ‘Celestial’

Well, that’s a pretty magical blog post title, if I do say so myself.

As you guys know, my nail polish collection has grown considerably over Christmas, and soon I will be doing a ‘What I Got for Christmas’ post so you can see all the pyjamas (ehem I mean gifts) I was kindly given.

Both of my sisters know I love Youtube and Tanya Burr’s videos, and I was excited to open up two more Tanya Burr polishes on Christmas morning!

One of them I have used below, it is a deep dark mauve/purple, with the lovely name ‘New York Night’.


Over the top, I decided to pair it with Ciaté’s ‘Celestial’, which is a really Christmassy glitter top coat with a mix of small and large glitter pieces. What makes this different is that it also has tiny light blue particles through it.


I really love this look, I mean ‘New York Night’ is really lovely and chic on its own, but with ‘Celestial’ over the top it really looks…cosmic :O!


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