My Make Up Collection and Storage!

Hello Errybody πŸ™‚

I have a pretty exciting video for you – something that follows on from my room tour that went up two weeks ago…in this video I show you my entire make up collection! I say entire collection it’s not exactly big but it is just right for me and my face!

I take you through what’s in my drawers (of the Muji variety) and show you some of my favourite things ranging from lipsticks to foundations to highlighters!

thumbnail 1

Hope you enjoy watching it!

Thanks guys,

Roshni xxx

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My Room Tour! How to Make the Best of a Small Space…

Hello All!

I have a video for you today which shows you all around my room and how I’ve tried to transform a very small space into a little haven where I can get ready, relax anddddd sleep! Haha πŸ™‚

I love watching videos like this myself and lusting over amazing homeware things that people have got and dreaming of having a larger room to cram more amazing homeware things into lol, so take a look at my room tour – I hope you like it!


Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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What’s In My Missguided Handbag!

Hello Errybody,

So today I have an updated What’s In My Bag to bring you where I grab my Missguided hand bag and show you the contents! Completely unplanned, no idea what’s in there (but luckily there wasn’t anything too embarrassing in there, phew).

This is an update because I previously did the same video but for my Topshop black handbag that I had (I will link that below this one). If you watch the two you will see what 9 months of hair growth has done to my hair!! Haha!


Thanks for watching/reading!!

Lots of love,

Roshni xxx


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January Sales Haul! Clothing, Make Up and Random Stuff

Hi Everyone!

Happy Saturday πŸ™‚

I have a haul to bring to you today, so kick back with a cup of tea (my breakfast of choice was an OH so healthy croissant) while I tell you about the clothing and make up bits I’ve bought in the January sales!

It’s my first ever haul video like this so if you have any *nice* feedback feel free to leave a comment either here or on the video itself


I hope you all have a lovely relaxed Saturday!

Till next time lovely people

Roshni xxx


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My Top Lipsticks with Swatches! MAC, Nyx, Topshop…

Hi everyone!Β 

If I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front I apologise – things are pretty darn busy round these parts. Today I have a new video to bring to your attention! I was inspired by Kaushal Beauty to film my own Lip Swatch video which features my favourite lipsticks within my collection so you can see what they look like on, the formula/colour pay off etc.

I found her video really useful as it gave me an idea of what the lipsticks look like on brown skin tones – this will show you what kind of undertone the lipstick has (it could have a blue undertone which makes teeth look whiter, or an orange undertone which is slightly harder to pull off)

I hope you enjoy watching! I’m pretty proud of this video as I tried to edit it to music a bit!


Thanks for watching/reading my words that I write

Roshni xxx



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Looking for some new hair curlers?

Apologies for my hiatus over the past few days – a fried Macbook charger cable had temporarily put me out of the blogosphere…but I’m back! (with a brand new charger free, thanks Apple!)

I bought the Bombay Hair 32mm Gold Waving Wand on Black Friday and filmed a brief review for you – where you can see how the curler actually performs as well. This barrel is thicker and this means it creates waves rather than full on curls. When I bought the curler it was actually half price – I had been keeping my eye on it and was really happy that it was promoted on Black Friday.

I’m not going to give too much away, in the video below I actually use the curlers in real time so you can see exactly how the waves come out, so you’ll have to watch it to hear my thoughts!

blog post bombay hair

Please leave a like on the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel if you’re new πŸ™‚

Thanks guys, hope you have a LOVELY new year – stay safe, drink lots and be merry!

Roshni xxx


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How to Feel Organised…

It can be quite hard at this time of year to feel on top of things. I have to be organised all the time – similar to lots of other people. I find that there are a few key tips that I can share which will not only MAKE you more organised, but also make you FEEL more organised even if your situation hasn’t changed that much.

Christmas itself can be pretty stressful – how many presents have you bought, how much do you spend, will they get here before christmas, what do I wear to the Christmas do, how do I not put on 20 stone…the list goes on. On top of that you have work, a social life, family and other things that threaten to throw your balance off.

When I feel a bit *RSGRESGF* I like to take a few minutes and regroup like I’m in the middle of some kind of match – change your tack and see where it takes you.

how to get organised



Each morning at work, I write myself a to do list of the things I can realistically do within that day. Then I keep a second ongoing list of all the other stuff floating around in my head. To me, this gives me peace of mind that I won’t forget anything and that I’m always going to remember those difficult things that take longer to do, but are worth it in the long run.


This may sound like a bit of a contradiction – but you can’t do everything. Think about it, if you keep adding things for you to do, you won’t be able to do the things you DO get time for properly and to the right standard. Accepting that you can’t do everything is very liberating – you stop putting pressure on yourself and learn to enjoy the things you are doing right.


Things change, people. Your plan of where you wanted to be 2 years ago might not look the same now and those things you thought were really important to do before hand might now be completely insignificant. Re prioritising allows you to make room and focus on the most time efficient way to approach your life! What can you get the biggest benefit from with the smallest investment of your time? If it’s something as simple as blogging, how can you get the best content in the smallest amount of prep? An example is, I get myself ready to film a Youtube video by doing my make up (there’s one video) and then I film the chatty part of the video after (there’s another!).


Don’t hole yourself up and worry about all the shit you have to do by yourself. Share them with the people closest to you, if they are good enough friends or family they will listen to you and calmly help you by offering suggestions of how you can do things a different way. You never know, they might surprise you or even actually help you out with the things on your list!

So there you have it, I am by no means an expert in organisation but I feel like I can at least give myself a slap round the face to keep my life as organised as possible (within realistic parameters of course :)).

I hope you’ve found this interesting to read!

What are your favourite tips for staying organised?

Thanks guys,




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Almost 5 Months of Youtube…what have I learnt?

I’ve been doing Youtube videos for almost 5 months now and I thought I’d jot down some of the things I have found out as I thought this might be useful for any other Youtube newbs or bloggers thinking about expanding into having a Youtube channel.

It’s a great outlet to be creative on, especially when it comes to editing etc but it can take some time to start a video from the very beginning to finishing it completely.

Here’s a quick run down of the things I have found out/learned/thought about sporadically:

Filming is time consuming but totally satisfying

I love the process of filming, but just bear in mind that things like tutorials can take a lot of time to prep and film and edit. It helps to plan your looks in advance and just get out the products that you know you are going to use…this helps cut down editing time because you won’t then have around 12 mins of footage where you are scrambling around trying to find that mascara you want to use.

Writing tags is the most boring thing on this here planet Earth

I don’t know why the suggested tags on Youtube aren’t better but doing tags is bloody boring. I know it’s important and all that blah blah but even when blogging I hate doing it! I know I sound like an ungrateful sod and first world problems etc but it doesn’t take away from the fact that typing in words when it’s not a post ISN’T FUN. It’s just necessary.

Don’t expect each video to get 1000’s of views straight away

This isn’t a deterrent to say ‘don’t do youtube’ just be very mindful that when you are starting out it’s going to be difficult to get views unless you are Kylie Jenner. Think of ways you can direct traffic to your videos…it might be using Instagram and using BitLy to shorten your URL’s, or Twitter or directing traffic using your blog. Make sure your channel looks great and always make sure you link to your previous videos at the end of the one you have put up.

Be aware of true and sub 4 sub subscribers

There isn’t anything wrong with this at all because a lot of people use this tactic, but sub 4 subbing is a way of people getting subscribers fast basically. Everyone does it, so don’t be down trodden if you get people leaving comments openly saying ‘sub 4 sub?’ because at least they are being honest about it. I’ve done it the odd time but it feels weird so I try not to.

Enjoy it!

More than anything, I’ve learnt that Youtube is actually really fun and a great outlet for creativity. I love putting up a well edited video, or a make up tutorial that I’m particularly proud of. I guess blogging/social media/youtube is quite a self gratifying thing to do but when you get comments, likes and views it is really satisfying to know that people like what you have created!

To end this post, I’m going to leave you with a collage of my favourite video’s I have filmed…if you click it you will go straight to my Youtube channel so if you want to you can have a browse!


Thank you so much for reading,

Roshni xxx


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