How To: Easy Winged Eyeliner!

Hi Guys!

If you are looking for an easy to follow step by step liquid eyeliner tutorial, then this quick video is one to watch!

I filmed a video showing you how I do my winged eyeliner day to day, with some easy steps that I’ve started to do to make my eyeliner life a lot easier! (and reduce the amount of make up wipes and remover soaked cotton buds that I have to use lol).

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Roshni xxx

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Quick & Easy Glitter Gradient Winged Eyeliner – Blue!

Blue Glitter Gradient Winged Eyeliner - Quick and Easy!

Hellooooo Everybadeh! (Am thinking of the doctor from the Simpsons as I say that out loud)…today I have an easy, quick blue glitter winged liner tutorial which is so simple but looks like you’ve put so much effort into it! This Stila Glitter Liner is AMAZING and seriously does not budge or transfer.

This video is around 5 mins, so take 5 mins out of your life to watch me doing my liner and desperately trying to get them to match…lol it’s not that bad I swear.

This look was created with 3 products and if you fancy recreating it here are the products you need so you can

SHOP THE LOOK (see what I did there)


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My Everyday Make Up

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a video on my channel showing you my everyday make up, which features a winged liner and matte pink lip :). Take a look if you want an easy but chic looking make up look! (If I do say so myself)


It’s simple and quick and can be recreated with the most simple of products! Also I am proud of those brows, go take a look at the video to see how I did them!!

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Much Love,

Roshni xxx 🙂


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