The Brightest Blush That Ever Did Live

I have a product to review for you today that is very versatile – some people will look at this and think it screams summer and playful days, some people will think this will give you a winter pinched flush. I happen to sit on the latter side of the fence. The product I am reviewing for you today is the MimiDidi Mineral Blush in the number 11. 


I don’t blame you if you take one look at this blush and want to run away from it, holding your hands up to your face in fear. This is one of those products where a light hand isn’t just desired – it’s needed. Saying that though, I really love this blush as it is perfect for making it look like you’ve just been out for a brisk winter walk (wrapped up in a warm coat and a fluffy scarf).

I would recommend using a very soft, sparse blusher brush for this. Also, making sure once you have lightly dabbed your brush into it I would tap the excess off. This will make sure you can start off with less on your brush and slowly build up the colour if you want to.

What I especially like about this is that it is affordable and completely MATTE. Too many blushes nowadays are packed with shimmer and I think it can be too much sometimes. Especially if you want to use a highlighter across your cheekbones!


One other thing that will stop you looking like a clown is to use a white or cream bristle blusher brush – if you use one with black bristles it means you might not know how much product is on your brush in the first place.

I really like the packaging of this product too – don’t get me wrong, it is plastic but it is sturdy enough to travel and the chunky compact is quite nice to hold. Also – this would make a great Christmas present!

I have a 10% off code for anyone who is interested in browsing Born Pretty Store who kindly gifted me this product – the code is

Happy Shopping everyone!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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Summer Make Up Tutorial!

Hello Everyone!

Relax this Saturday morning and whilst you eat your (egg and soldiers/toast and tea/coco shreddies) take a look at my newest tutorial! It’s a summer make up look, which is great for day time and evening…you can build up the depth for more intensity :).

If you want to see how I created this look, watch my latest video below and please leave a like if you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a comment too and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more videos! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Roshni xxx

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The Non Sickly Pastel Look

The gorgeous weather has hit again and we are definitely moving towards summer territory now. High streets are filled with pale pinks, yellows and lilacs, all in time for the sunshine! I’ve never really been a massive fan of pastels, preferring the moody maroons and mauves of winter.

I used to dislike it even more on nails, but I’ve had a bit of a U-turn (makes me think of Usher) and there are now more pastels that are more subtle rather than in your face light. Barry M brought out a great range of ‘Quick Dry’ polishes that have lovely pastels in them (I reviewed one of them here) and they have a wide selection of shades in their complete range.

Today I have a pastel lilac nail look for you, with a strawberry pastel pink accent nail. I loved this look as soon as I slicked the last swipe of Seche Vite over the top, which surprised me as I thought even these might be too light for me in the bottle.

I’ve used Barry M’s ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ and Essie’s ‘Lilacism’, both of which are from the drugstore and in my opinion perform just as well if not better than some higher end nail polishes like Nails Inc and Ciaté. At just £2.99 for the Barry M and £7.99 for the Essie polish, they are pretty reasonably priced…(by the way the polishes are much brighter in colour than in the pictures on the links).


What I love in particular about this look is how GLASSY the polishes look. I have always thought that Essie polishes have has a gorgeous sheen to them, but this Barry M ‘Strawberry Ice Cream’ nail paint is just as good when it comes to the finish. I really like the combination of the two colours. To me, this is perfect for girls who are like me and don’t want to end up with a sickly sweet manicure.


What do you guys think of this look? What are your favourite pastel polishes?

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Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx


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Fashion Mini Haul :D

So, I went shopping.

Luckily I managed to restrain myself and I didn’t go mad, but I was really pleased with what I bought. There is a definite theme to this mini haul, and that is SPRING. I had a browse around in River Island but there I had one of those days where I just didn’t see anything that I liked.

This soon changed as I strolled around Dorothy Perkins, Accessorise and Miss Selfridge!

What I love about spring is that all the bright, more sunny colours slowly make their way into our wardrobes and on a sunny day there’s nothing better than wearing bright coral, or a pastel hue.

Here are my springtime purchases:


I have no idea how I managed to fold the t shirts and jumpers like they do in the shop, I think it was a bit of a fluke.

This jumper is the softest thing I have ever worn! It’s so beautiful and comfy, with the lace white heart details it’s pretty and perfect for spring. It is a touch on the warm side I think but we all know what Britain is like. This will be perfect for days where it’s chilly but sunny :). I bought this from Dorothy Perkins in the sale, was £26 I got it for £15.


Also from Dorothy Perkins I bought this long sleeveless coral pink shirt. I can’t actually remember how much this was 🙁 but it wasn’t very expensive, and would look perfect with leggings and sunglasses (worn on my eyes not on my legs). Also, this would be a great shirt to tuck into an A line skirt for hotter days.


I also bought a pair of lighter style jeans/jeggings (what a horrid word jeggings is, it sounds like a QVC product). I was initially worried these wouldn’t be very flattering. Thing is, they could be but even if they are I like them. So I’mma wear em. They were £20, so not too pricey.


This T shirt I am IN LOVE with. The writing is like little beads, and it is so comfortable. I don’t usually like T shirts or tops with writing on because they remind me of those awful shirts that would say things like ‘Little Miss Perfect’ – BLEUREFHEGHGH.

This top is just so wearable, and very flattering on. I think this was only around £12, which isn’t too bad as it’s really good quality (from Miss Selfridge).


Lastly, from Accessorize I bought the most amazing ear cuff that isn’t an ear cuff. It is like a normal earring, and then at the top it has a little clip that clips comfortably round the top of your ear. I really loved the star design as it reminds me of these little star earrings my big sister used to wear when she was a teenager. This was £12 I believe, and worth every penny. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot this summer!



Thanks for reading!

Rosh xxx

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MOTD & OOTD – Shopping!

Hello all!

It’s a gorgeous sunny day today, I lost £10 on the Grand National and spent more money out shopping! (Haul to come…)

A good day all round so far I’d say…

I thought I’d show you my make up and outfit of the day so you can see what I put on my face and body to look like an acceptable human being! (Yay!)

Let’s start with make up:

Might be the weirdest smile I’ve ever pulled…

This is quite a spring time look, with a dewy pink lip and a subtle light eye shadow, with winged liner.

For skin, here are the products I used:


Then, for eyes and eyebrows here are the products I used:


I used an angled brush and the Natural Collections ‘Crushed Walnut’ eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. Using the Maybelline Brow Drama on top is great because it stops them from being two matte slugs and actually adds fibres to them. From the Lorac Pro Palette I used the colours Cream to highlight my brow arch, Champagne on the lid and Taupe through the crease.

For lips, I found this combo by accident. Once I used Creme Cup by MAC and didn’t like how pale it was, so I added some Revlon Lip Butter in 053 Sorbet. This creates a really lovely creamy pale pink, but you can build up the Lip Butter to make it much brighter as the Revlon colour is much more fuchsia pink.


Now for the outfit…I wore a cropped stripey black and white top from Missguided, navy trousers from Forever 21, my leather jacket from River Island and maroon pumps from Primark. Phone case is from Kate Spade.


Hope you have all had a lovely sunny day!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx

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January Favourites

January has ZOOMED by, I can’t believe it’s February already! We are no longer in that weird limbo time after Christmas, it is actually getting light when I drive to work in the mornings and there are glimmers of Spring in the near distance.

There are a few beauty products that I have been loving so far (I know we are a good few days into February, but oh well) so I have decided to show you my January favourites today!

Oliver Bonas ‘R’ Make Up Bag, Eve Lom Lip Balm, Clinique Moisture Surge Gel Cream, Revlon Colourburst, Rimmel Nude Scandaleyes Eyeliner

Oliver Bonas Make Up Bag (click for link)

My lovely friend Lizzie bought me this make up bag for my birthday, and from pure coincidence I have been looking at a lot of Oliver Bonas items and really liking the look of them (also now I got this link but have spent way too long on the site).


This make up bag is great, it’s a compact size but you can fit a surprising amount of things in here. The zip is pretty sturdy, and a gorgeous mint green colour which goes perfectly with the muted grey canvass-y material. The bag is very structured as you open in, as you can see on the left hand bottom image, so this means it doesn’t get too squashed and holds its shape really well.

Eve Lom Kiss Mix (click for link)

7ml for £16.00!! Jeez Louise

This might be the most expensive lip balm I have ever used. I didn’t actually buy this, it was a birthday gift from Space NK! I have to say, I am really impressed with this. If you don’t like minty smelling balms, stay well clear of this as it is very tingly and minty when you first put it on. It is a tad sticky but the consistency isn’t too off putting. The best thing about this little 7ml pot is that it makes your lips look REALLY plump and healthy. It is very hydrating and the packaging is so chic.

Rimmel ScandalEyes Eyeliner – Nude (click for link)

Go away, pesky shadow!

I have been using this eyeliner every day, it lasts really well and works wonders to make you look awake. I get up for work around 6.20am, so looking awake is a very important part of my beauty regime. The texture of this pencil is really soft, and unlike most eyeliners this doesn’t sting my eyes or make my eyes water a lot. Think this is going to be a staple from now on! Also, this looks great if you are doing a sixties eye but less extreme, a nude liner would look a lot more natural than a bright white one.

Revlon Colour Burst Matte Balm in Sultry (click for link)


I’m still in two minds about this matte balm. Generally, I’m not a massive fan of matte things unless it is eyeshadows, but sometimes I put this on and really like it and other times I’m not keen.

The product itself is great, the colour comes off way more pink and less nudey than I thought it would. The texture is great, it isn’t drying and it is so soft and velvety to apply. It stays on really well, but not as good as some other lip products such as Tanya Burr’s lip gloss. I think I will keep trying with this, as I might end up learning to love it!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief Cream (click here for link, you’ve guessed it)



I am on my second pot of this, the previous one had lasted me a good 3-4 months. This little pot is sent from heaven…it really saved my skin in winter time and I think it will be light enough to carry on using through Spring and Summer too.

This formula is pretty much a gel cream, so it sinks into the skin perfectly, leaving your face moisturised and not greasy in the slightest. A little goes a REALLY long way, and I just love this stuff so much. Even though this is well embedded into my daily routine, it still feels so luxurious to use and I can’t imagine using anything else!

What have been your favourite products to use in January?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roshni x

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