My September Beauty Wishlist :D

Hi Guys! 

I’ve posted wish lists before and this is definitely one of my favourite types of posts to write. It has a kind of PURSE FREEDOM that is very liberating, but potentially very dangerous. Somehow, posting about having/buying these products makes you marginally more comfortable with the idea of parting with money for these products.

It’s a double edged sword. 


Here we go! Go grab a nice beverage and read up on my latest beauty lusts:

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Types of Beauty Shoppers

Sometimes just thinking about going shopping (any kind of shopping) is a bit like this:

This is my second favourite WhatsApp face 🙂

This is mostly because it’s either going to be really busy, you can’t be bothered or you don’t want to get out of your pyjamas. I started to think about the different types of beauty shoppers and realised there’s probably a few that you guys will all recognise as you are out and about in Boots or Mac. This is a fun little post that will hopefully make you chuckle and go ‘omg’ next time you go out shopping.


1. The woman in MAC who insists on watching EVERY SINGLE lipstick on the counter even though you already know the shade of the one you want. She’s just hogging space, greedy cow.

2. The young girl approaching the Dior, YSL and Chanel counters with baited breath, being too scared to touch anything for fear of losing £100 in one swift move. (This used to be me).

3. The woman in Boots who crouches down right in front of the Soap & Glory display, consequently blocking the products that you want to grab and go. I know they smell good but jeez get a move on.

4. The rich mothers shopping in Space.NK on the regs, like they’re picking up milk and an avocado from Tesco.

5. The gaggle of teenage girls in Boots floating around the Miss Sporty and Barry M counters with their pocket money jingling in their little zippy purses.

6. The older woman in Debenhams who’s looking at the discounted make up sets for a gift for a distant female relative. Really, she has no idea what she’s looking at.

Can you think of any other beauty shopper stereotypes? 🙂

Thanks for reading

Roshni xxx

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Top 5 Hair & Beauty Survival Kit

Hello Everyone 🙂

I was thinking about all the different new products that beauty bloggers review and new launches that are talked about, but I found myself thinking more of the items that we always end up coming back to. For me, there are key parts of my haircare and make up routine that haven’t changed in a very long time.

I don’t want these products to feel unloved and run away from home, so for once I’m going to shine a bit of lime light on them so we can rejoice in the splendour of THE HAIR AND BEAUTY SURVIVAL KIT.

Here is the survival kit that I’ve thrown together to give you inspiration for those days where you have the very basics at your fingertips:

top 5 beauty and hair essentials
Tangle Teezer, Soap &  Glory Brow Archery, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara, Eve Lom Kiss Mix Lip Balm

To me, the most important part of this survival kit and the item I should mention first is the humble Tangle Teezer. I bought mine (in a fetching purple glitter finish) a good 3-4 years ago and it looks almost brand new! These things are life savers, when it comes to unruly hair that is knotty and temperamental. In particular, before I cut my hair short I really needed this, as when my hair was wet it used to get SO tangled. This reduces breakage and gently brush through tangles, which will in turn help your hair stay strong.

Then we have mascara, in particular my all time favourite is the Benefit Bad Gal Lash. Applying just a little mascara helps on those days when you are really tired, as it instantly opens your eyes up and makes you look more awake. Even if you aren’t wearing any other make up, just wearing a swipe of mascara will still make all the difference.

Right now, it is considered pretty much criminal to go out without having done your eyebrows. Obviously many people either can’t be bothered or simply don’t need to fill in their brows, but for me using an eyebrow pencil is a step that I wouldn’t miss out in a hurry.

Filling in your eyebrows helps to frame your face, and will help you look groomed and neat without having to spend too long getting them perfect. I love the Soap & Glory Brow Archery as this comes with a thin fine pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other to brush through particularly unruly brows.

This next item is pretty damn important to me in the mornings and it is the mighty concealer. For anyone who suffers from dark circles, like myself, this is going to be a staple in your make up kit. As well as helping to create a simple but clear base, you don’t have to go all out and use foundation, just dab and blend some concealer over any blemishes and under your eyes and you are good to go. The one I’m currently using is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, which I really like :).

The last item doesn’t have to be the exact same as mine, but it is essentially a lip balm. If for some reason there is a freak accident and your make up bag gets lost, damaged or stolen by a racoon, lip balm is a great staple to have as it can act as a multi tasking groomer. You can use a slick of lip balm to keep lips moisturised, but you can also smooth a touch over your eyebrows to keep them in place.

One thing you can also do is apply a very small amount to your finger tips, and then smooth your eyelashes up repeatedly to make it look like you are wearing mascara, and open up your eyes. If you use something like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream you can also use it to moisturise dry patches, but the one I am currently liking is the Eve Lom Kiss Mix which is a very intensive hydrating lip balm.

What are your hair and beauty essentials?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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Beauty Retailers that get it right…

Working in marketing, we are often trying to think of ways we can get and maintain loyal customer bases. Delivering above and beyond customer care is something most companies try to achieve, the ‘Amazon’ way of operating.

When it comes to beauty brands, for me there are a few drug store and premium beauty retailers that really hit the nail on the head in terms of providing a more tailored shopping experience.

Here are my top 3 Beauty Retailers, and why I think they are treating customers right:

1. Boots –

For a drugstore that sells a myriad of products, Boots Advantage card system is just brilliant. In particular, the offers that they send you are actually useful, and when scanning my emails I tend to open the ones from Boots as they usually send really good deals.

One of the promotions they do that is great for a more tailored customer communication is double Advantage card points during your birthday month (I am turning 25 in January :(). Although to some people this might not seem like a big deal, but providing double points for the whole month means you can really build your money up. I am an advocate of the advantage card system, and I have saved around £70 worth of points over the years!

This kind of promotion is a bit more personal, and keeping things personal whilst maintaining a massive commerce company is getting the best of both worlds.

2. Space.NK – 

Again another birthday promotion, but Space.NK have offered a free Sarah Chapman sample, when the full size item costs £40!

Only niggle with this is that to redeem it online, you do have to purchase something else but it makes sense because of the delivery…I’ll just have to take a sneaky birthday trip to London at some point!


3. Feel Unique – 

In the beauty industry, getting customers to repurchase from the same company is a big win, and for me Feel Unique have adopted some really useful tactics to make this reality.

I purchased some Morrocanoil a while ago, and whilst scanning my promotional emails in my inbox I came across one entitled ‘Is Your Favourite Morrocanoil Running Low?’


The fact it contained a product I had previously bought in the subject line made me open it, and basically it has based the sending of the email assuming that it is time for you to repurchase the item you originally bought, because you have started to use it up.

This is a very simple idea, but I think this is a great tactic, and it would be ideal for a product like Seche Vite, which I use regularly and actually need to repurchase now!

What are your favourite beauty retailers?



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