Beauty Retailers that get it right…

Working in marketing, we are often trying to think of ways we can get and maintain loyal customer bases. Delivering above and beyond customer care is something most companies try to achieve, the ‘Amazon’ way of operating.

When it comes to beauty brands, for me there are a few drug store and premium beauty retailers that really hit the nail on the head in terms of providing a more tailored shopping experience.

Here are my top 3 Beauty Retailers, and why I think they are treating customers right:

1. Boots –

For a drugstore that sells a myriad of products, Boots Advantage card system is just brilliant. In particular, the offers that they send you are actually useful, and when scanning my emails I tend to open the ones from Boots as they usually send really good deals.

One of the promotions they do that is great for a more tailored customer communication is double Advantage card points during your birthday month (I am turning 25 in January :(). Although to some people this might not seem like a big deal, but providing double points for the whole month means you can really build your money up. I am an advocate of the advantage card system, and I have saved around £70 worth of points over the years!

This kind of promotion is a bit more personal, and keeping things personal whilst maintaining a massive commerce company is getting the best of both worlds.

2. Space.NK – 

Again another birthday promotion, but Space.NK have offered a free Sarah Chapman sample, when the full size item costs £40!

Only niggle with this is that to redeem it online, you do have to purchase something else but it makes sense because of the delivery…I’ll just have to take a sneaky birthday trip to London at some point!


3. Feel Unique – 

In the beauty industry, getting customers to repurchase from the same company is a big win, and for me Feel Unique have adopted some really useful tactics to make this reality.

I purchased some Morrocanoil a while ago, and whilst scanning my promotional emails in my inbox I came across one entitled ‘Is Your Favourite Morrocanoil Running Low?’


The fact it contained a product I had previously bought in the subject line made me open it, and basically it has based the sending of the email assuming that it is time for you to repurchase the item you originally bought, because you have started to use it up.

This is a very simple idea, but I think this is a great tactic, and it would be ideal for a product like Seche Vite, which I use regularly and actually need to repurchase now!

What are your favourite beauty retailers?



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