Winter Skincare Routine

Around Winter, my skin tends to get quite dry as things like heating, artificial light and cold wind can be quite harsh on your face. This is why I try to tailor my winter skin care to deal with this better, as more tailored skin care means a better base for any make up you decide to use.

Here are the products that I use:




To prep my skin for moisturiser, in the shower I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub which is gentle enough to use on the face. This exfoliator is really nice and I have used it for years. It helps to brighten and soften your skin, and keep it clear of spots. I think I have only ever bought one of these, and exfoliating once every two days with a small blob means that this has actually lasted FOREVER.

After this, I use the Neutrogena ‘Visibly Clear’ wash and mask. I very rarely actually use this as a mask, but it works perfectly as a daily wash to help keep your skin clear. I am quite lucky and do not get very many spots, and I think it is down to this stuff. It feels quite clay based, and your skin does usually feel really soft after use.



During the day time, the first product I reach for is my trusty Nivea creme, which is great to use as a lip balm, particularly in winter.

I then use the Superdrug B. Energised eye cream, which is nice to apply with your ring finger to make sure that you aren’t tugging the delicate skin around your eye. This isn’t the nicest eye cream I have used, but it does the trick. Only tip is do not get this too close to your waterline, I have quite sensitive eyes and if I get a bit overexcited when applying this tends to make my eyes water.

Then for the rest of my face, I use the Clinique Moisture Surge, which is a gorgeous gel cream that sinks into the skin and really leaves it feeling soft and moisturised. This is quite pricey, but I definitely will be buying this again as it suits my normally dry skin really well.

Sometimes, when my skin is looking a bit blotchy, OR I get a bout of pigmentation (usually happens around my nose or side of my cheeks) I reach for the La Roche Posay Effeclar Duo, which I tend to use for a few days and it really helps to clear up any imperfections and marks.

Before actually applying any concealer or make up, I use the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream as a BB cream, just to get a bit of base colour onto my face and even out my complexion. I have worked out what this smells like, and it is a bit like yoghurt (not too sure how I feel about this) but it really does even out your skin tone and is a nice light base to wear under make up.


The only difference when I moisturise before bed time, is that instead of the Clinique Moisture Surge I swap this for the Nivea Regenerating Night Cream. This is a really thick moisturiser that simply feels like it ‘does good’. Again, not my favourite night time moisturiser but it doesn’t break me out, and it moisturises deep into the skin.

Thanks for reading!

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