The Best Heat Protectant Spray…

Hi All! 

I have a mini review for you today…I’ve been trying this heat protectant from Toni & Guy for about a month now and I am loving the scent. Using heat protectant on your hair before styling or applying heat is SO important – when I do my hair and I don’t use heat protectant, BOY do I know about it.

I have had a tumultuous relationship with heat protectants. I FELL IN LOVE with the Dove heat protectant spray which smelled like fruits and berries and I’ve not been able to find it since then :'(. Then I tried a Got2B one and was completely digusted…the consistency was sticky and tacky and it didn’t smell delightful either.

So now I have found a heat protectant that I actually like I am most pleased!!

Toni & Guy Heat Protection Mist

This heat protectant mist protects against 230 degree heat from straighteners, hair dryers and curlers so this is perfect for everyday styling. The scent you get from this mist is essentially ‘I’ve been to the salon’, so it’s a really fresh, zingy scent that is really lovely to have in a mist.

This is the best heat protectant I’ve used since the Dove one! I still pine after that though…

Thanks for reading you lot,

Rosh xxx


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Tangle Teaser vs Wet Brush…FIGHT!

I have been naturally blessed with thick, healthy hair. So much so that I am the kind of girl that suffers with snapped hair bands, broken claw grips, you name it. Most horrific is that painful feeling in your follicles when your hair has been up all day then you take it down and massage your head :(((.

The Tangle Teaser (mine is purple and glittery and awesome) has been a firm resident of my top drawer for about a year – my first choice when it comes to sorting out my tangly mane of hair. It is perfect for travel, it’s small and works great for keeping hair smooth and knot free! However, I had heard that there was something called a Wet Brush that is even better than a Tangle Teaser and I knew I’d have to try it out!

wet brush

Brushing wet hair is a dangerous game – unless you use a bloody good conditioner you will have tangly hair that needs to be sorted! I usually use my Tangle Teaser to work through the ends of my hair first so that I don’t pull and the hair doesn’t break. Then I can brush it right through without having to worry!

I felt like a bit of a traitor reaching for the Wet Brush over the Tangle Teaser, but hey needs must. So what I like about the Wet Brush is the bristles – at first when I heard someone say Wet Brush I thought it was a crazy hairbrush with like towel bits in it! The bristles on the Wet Brush are thin, bendy and get through hair pretty easy :). I wouldn’t brush right from the top of my head with a wet brush just because I’d worry about breakage, but it does just as good a job as the Tangle Teaser. I think the main benefit of the Wet Brush is that it doesn’t make you molt as much so it might be a bit less tough on your hair!

I’m trying to be more gentle with mine and taking skin/nail/hair supplements as around my temples my hair has started to feel a bit weaker and I don’t want to tug any out by accident!

I think the Wet Brush is definitely a worthwhile investment – the smooth finish of the brush handle is also very satisfying – it looks like the kind of brush you would take if you went swimming!

Which side are you on…Tangle Teaser or Wet Brush?!?!

Thanks for reading guys,

Roshni xxx


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No Kink Bobbles – Do they work?

So I’ve been curious about these little coils of plastic for a long time – the ones I have pictured aren’t branded Invisibobbles, I bought mine from Accessorise to try! They were around £2.50 – £3 and came in gorgeous two tone shades <3.

After a quick google I’ve found that these are called ‘Telephone Ponies’ – WTF.


(My favourite is the blue and green one :))

The whole point of these coily little wonders is that you can tie your hair up without snagging it or creating knots, and it DOESN’T leave a massive kink!

I find that sometimes if I have used a normal hair band I will more often or not get a massive kink – no matter where abouts I put it. From the moment I started using these, I was impressed at their strength. I thought to myself – these are just coily bits of plastic! Now, because I have quite thick hair the only criticism I have is that they stretch quite easily and don’t go back into such a tight coil.

Considering that my hair is quite thick, they are surprisingly strong! It helps that they are tightly coiled in the first place, but as I said they do stretch quite easily (maybe the branded ones are better!).

But what I can say is that they do serve their purpose! They do hold hair well and I’ve not seen a kink as I’ve taken my hair down. I’m pleased with these and I do find myself reaching for them over normal hair bands.

They were quite a bargain too so I wouldn’t mind repurchasing them if they did end up stretching too far 🙂

Thanks for reading everyone!

Roshni xxx


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How to Wave Your Hair – Quick and Easy!

Lol, I’ve just had a thought. I’ve done this ‘how’ to on waving your hair but if you could see my hair now it’s all sorts of pineapple and Rod Stewart (I’ve just got up).

ANYWAY, I’ve filmed a new video that is a quick and easy wavy hair look – using GHD straighteners. I would usually straighten my hair first before curling or styling but I’ve realised this process for waving doesn’t actually need that.

I love this as it’s a great simple alternative to having it straight for everyday and it doesn’t look too ‘done’.

I hope you enjoy it!

Have an amazing Sunday everyone xxxx



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Top 5 Hair & Beauty Survival Kit

Hello Everyone 🙂

I was thinking about all the different new products that beauty bloggers review and new launches that are talked about, but I found myself thinking more of the items that we always end up coming back to. For me, there are key parts of my haircare and make up routine that haven’t changed in a very long time.

I don’t want these products to feel unloved and run away from home, so for once I’m going to shine a bit of lime light on them so we can rejoice in the splendour of THE HAIR AND BEAUTY SURVIVAL KIT.

Here is the survival kit that I’ve thrown together to give you inspiration for those days where you have the very basics at your fingertips:

top 5 beauty and hair essentials
Tangle Teezer, Soap &  Glory Brow Archery, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara, Eve Lom Kiss Mix Lip Balm

To me, the most important part of this survival kit and the item I should mention first is the humble Tangle Teezer. I bought mine (in a fetching purple glitter finish) a good 3-4 years ago and it looks almost brand new! These things are life savers, when it comes to unruly hair that is knotty and temperamental. In particular, before I cut my hair short I really needed this, as when my hair was wet it used to get SO tangled. This reduces breakage and gently brush through tangles, which will in turn help your hair stay strong.

Then we have mascara, in particular my all time favourite is the Benefit Bad Gal Lash. Applying just a little mascara helps on those days when you are really tired, as it instantly opens your eyes up and makes you look more awake. Even if you aren’t wearing any other make up, just wearing a swipe of mascara will still make all the difference.

Right now, it is considered pretty much criminal to go out without having done your eyebrows. Obviously many people either can’t be bothered or simply don’t need to fill in their brows, but for me using an eyebrow pencil is a step that I wouldn’t miss out in a hurry.

Filling in your eyebrows helps to frame your face, and will help you look groomed and neat without having to spend too long getting them perfect. I love the Soap & Glory Brow Archery as this comes with a thin fine pencil on one side and a spoolie on the other to brush through particularly unruly brows.

This next item is pretty damn important to me in the mornings and it is the mighty concealer. For anyone who suffers from dark circles, like myself, this is going to be a staple in your make up kit. As well as helping to create a simple but clear base, you don’t have to go all out and use foundation, just dab and blend some concealer over any blemishes and under your eyes and you are good to go. The one I’m currently using is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer, which I really like :).

The last item doesn’t have to be the exact same as mine, but it is essentially a lip balm. If for some reason there is a freak accident and your make up bag gets lost, damaged or stolen by a racoon, lip balm is a great staple to have as it can act as a multi tasking groomer. You can use a slick of lip balm to keep lips moisturised, but you can also smooth a touch over your eyebrows to keep them in place.

One thing you can also do is apply a very small amount to your finger tips, and then smooth your eyelashes up repeatedly to make it look like you are wearing mascara, and open up your eyes. If you use something like Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream you can also use it to moisturise dry patches, but the one I am currently liking is the Eve Lom Kiss Mix which is a very intensive hydrating lip balm.

What are your hair and beauty essentials?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Don’t forget you can follow me on Twitter @RoshniMistry90, Instagram @snosh90 and you can follow my blog by entering your email address in the form to your right!



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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award Tag

I am VERY lucky and grateful to have been nominated for my second award in two months :). Big thanks to Blonde Amy for my nomination, please go and check out her blog, it’s brilliant!

I am really grateful as I only really started putting more effort into my blog in December and I have started to see more lovely readers come and land on Roshni Reviews. To be nominated for two awards in two months is really something and I am very happy!


Here are the rules of the award:

Thank the blogger who nominated you & linking back to their site.

  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer the ten questions sent to you.
  • Make up ten new questions or your nominees to answer.
  • Nominate seven bloggers who you feel deserve the award.

Now, to answer the questions! (I love doing this :D)

1. Who/What was your greatest blog inspiration?

I would probably say that finding Anna’s blog, Vivianna Does Makeup really inspired me to take my thoughts of ‘I’d like to write about make up, I think I have something valuable to say’ to actually starting a blog. I really love the way that she uses large, brilliant quality images and she writes so candidly and honestly about any products she has used. Also, she is really relatable and very funny!

2. Any blog goals for 2015?

When I hit 100 followers (hopefully this will be soon if you guys still like reading my rambly posts) I want to get my own custom domain. I think for me this will take my blog from something that really did start as a complete hobby to something that I can start to hone and get an idea of where you lovely people are coming from! Other than that I really just want to carry on and keep posting good quality content…and making sure that at the end of it all I enjoy it.

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Hmm this is a difficult one, there are SO many places that I would love to go so will be difficult to pick only one! I have always wanted to go to Australia, but in all honesty the only reference I have to what Australia is like is watching Neighbours…how bad is that. (It also annoys me when the camera is in Susan’s house, they have the door open and you can see that it’s a painted screen with a fake backdrop) I don’t quite know at what point in my life I’ll be able to visit some of these places, but hopefully I will be able to because you only have one life and you can’t go through it with your eyes shut.

4. Tea or Coffee?

OH MY GOD TEA, tea all the way. I love tea. In particular, I love home made indian chai which is delicious but likely to give you diabetes. Plus a dairy overdose. The only way I like coffee is in desserts, I like the smell of coffee but not the taste, it’s way too bitter. I LOVE coffee on one condition…if it is in the form of a tiramisu.

5. Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Welllll this is depressing. In 10 years time I will be 35. So what I’m hoping, is that I will be settled in my own house, with a family and children of my own. A career is very important to me, I am independent and do not really like relying on people for help etc (basically I’m a stubborn cow)! Not sure whether blogging will still be in my life, OR if it will even be a ‘thing’ as that will be in 2025! Woah…

6. You have a date with a celebrity of your choice, who is it and what will you wear?

Ooooooh, good question Amy! Hmm, OK, if I was to go on a date with a celebrity of my choice I think it would have to be Chris Helmsworth. What would I wear? Funny you should ask, Chris if you are interested, I received an email newsletter from Miss Selfridge today and it would have to be this dress below…WANT:


7. What is your go-to make-up product?

I have two ‘go to’ make up products, and the first one which is a staple is mascara. Wearing mascara really opens up your eyes and it makes ALL the difference.

My second staple is a more specific product, but it is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in ‘On and On Bronze’ which is a brilliant wearable bronze-y gold-y cream eyeshadow that doesn’t crease at all. I can wear it all day at work and when I get home it still looks like I have just applied it. It’s really blendable at the same time so looks great in the evening too.

8. Any Holy Grail hair products you have found?

Well! I have only recently cut my hair into a graduated bob, and I think the holy grail product I have found is the Blow Pro texturising spray. The ends of my bob tend to naturally curl under once I’ve dried it, so what happens is my bob makes me look REALLY young when it’s like that. After I have straightened my hair I spray some of the Blow Pro spray in and it helps to rough it up a bit.

9. What job would you love to have?

I currently work in marketing, and I do have to say I really enjoy it. I have considered quite a few different things so I can’t really pin one down. I have always been interested in teaching, blogging, fashion and food so as you can see there’s quite a few different avenues I could go down!

10. What is your favourite film?

Hmm, I am a massive Disney fan so it would more than likely be one of those. I’d probably say Sword in the Stone as it reminds me of days at home when I was little putting that on (probably on VHS but I can’t remember), so it brings back lots of fond memories!

My Ten Questions are…..

1. Who has inspired you to start blogging?

2. What was your favourite make up trend of 2014?

3. Would you ever start your own Youtube channel? If so, what would it be about?

4. If you could give one tip to an aspiring blogger, what would it be?

5. Who is your biggest style inspiration?

6. Your most favourite food?

7. What would you say is the one thing you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

8. What is your favourite make up product?

9. What are your top online fashion sites to buy from?

10. Describe your perfect weekend 🙂

Aaaaaand the nominees are:

1. I Think It’s Ashley 

2. Owning Your Okayness

3. Miss Coco 

4. Stained Vanity

5. Popmodblog

6. Miss Sheena Blogs

7. Lorraine In England

I apologise if you have already been nominated! Please link me so I can see your answers :), and please go and check out the blogs above, they are all great with brilliant content.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Rosh x

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New Year, New ‘Do!

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of a graduated bob, as I have had long hair for many many years now. I dip dyed my hair recently, and I have done it a good 3-4 times before. This had caused my hair to become a bit dry, and the red section that was dyed had started to take on an orangey brassy tint. I have tried dying over the dip dye before but my hair hangs onto colour for ages, and the lighter orangey red would just be visible under any darker colour I put over the top. A good old chop was required to cut off the drier ends, and get it looking healthy again!

So, I decided to take the plunge and actually get my long hair chopped into a bob. I have a pretty round face, so I was worried the bob would just emphasise this, but because it is graduated it isn’t too bulbous looking.

Here is the obligatory ‘before’ shot:


I was nervous I’ll admit, I know it is hair at the end of the day and it grows back quick…but still it’s a pretty big change!

The thought of less hair drying time, and the ease of spritzing a quick texturising spray and skipping out the door kept me stoic and determined!

Take a look at the mass of dip dye covering the floor!

Extensions, anyone? *shudder*

Once it had been nicely blowdried and straightened, with layers put in I got excited and ended up being really really happy with it. Yes my head feels lighter, and my neck is a bit chilly, but I really love it 🙂 and my hair looks and feels SO much healthier!

Here it is:


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December Favourites

I have a few beauty rituals I have been loving this month so far. These involve 6 products, a few of them are things I have always loved that I’d like to talk about, and a couple are more recent finds that have made their way onto my dressing table.

A small mix of nail care, hair care and beauty, these things are part of my every day routine and if I lose any I’m running around the house shouting about them!

Garnier Miracle Cream, Body Shop Wooden Hair Brush, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Burts Bees Lip Balm, Seche Vite

Here are my December favourites:

1. Not wearing foundation- 

I stopped wearing foundation in summer, and started to use a really light coverage BB cream and then just concealer. This not only means my skin can breathe a bit more, but also it takes me less time to get ready in the morning! As my skin gets quite dry, I use a moisturiser first, then blob the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream onto my face and blend in using my fingers. Then, I just use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer on blemishes and dark circles, and use my Real Techniques contour brush to blend this in! Job done 🙂


2. Looking after my locks- 

This Body Shop wooden hair brush is SO GOOD. I know at the end of the day it’s just a hair brush but because it is wooden, you don’t have horrid plastic bristles that tug and pull on your hair. Now my hair is the longest it has ever been, and is also dip dyed this means that my hair is prone to breakage, particularly at the ends. Using this brush keeps my hair shiny, and in tact (which is useful!). I think I might get another one of these for travelling too, as it is an ideal size!



I bought this Morrocanoil from Feel Unique and it has lasted me AGES already! This stuff is brilliant, and it is rightly raved about all over the tinternets. I tend to use a small blob of this through the ends of my damp hair after I have used my tangle teezer on it. What I find is even better, is if you warm the oil between your palms before applying through the ends of your hair as it means it gets spread evenly and won’t make your hair greasy. I find my hair is usually really soft after it has been blow dried, and it great for coloured hair.

3. Keep up with Lipcare- 

In Winter you are bombarded with artificial light, harsh heating and chilling winds which can dry your skin, hair and lips. Don’t forget about this lovely part of your face or you could end up suffering with chapped lips because of it. My favourite thing that I discovered recently is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. I had heard ALOT about this product, as I’m sure a lot of you guys have too. This amber coloured gel cream is brilliant, it is soothing, moisturising and also acts as a great barrier to make sure your lips stay protected. It is also fragrance free, which I like. If you are looking for something to moisturise your lips before using lipstick, this is ideal! (Unless you want a matte lip that is…)




For day use I tend to reach for the Burts Bees Coconut and Pear Lip Balm, which is a travel friendly, soothing waxy lip balm. Although this isn’t AS soothing as the 8 Hour Cream and it does need topping up a lot, it smells gorgeous (quite like chocolate weirdly enough) and is not very expensive.


Seche Vite will ALWAYS be in my favourites unless something comes along that can apply nail polish for me, and blow on it itself (any ideas?) I buy this top coat from Amazon, and have gone through two bottles already. The only two criticisms I have is that when you get to the bottom, it is hard to use the last bit of it. Also, if you wear a lot of red polishes (like I do, usually burgundy), it tints the Seche Vite as you are applying pressure on the colour, so some of it transfers into your Seche Vite.


I use this every single time I paint my nails, it lasts forever and really does dry so so quick. I find when I start on the little finger of my left hand, by the time I get to the little finger of my right, the polish is almost dry.

(Sorry that the lighting is weird in these pictures and it looks like I have ten shades of blanket).

What are your favourites so far this month?

Thanks for reading!


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Things that smell REALLY GOOD

I understand that this blog post title could be quite ambiguous, what things are you talking about? Well don’t worry, it is nothing untoward, just beauty or skincare products that either smell like you want to eat them, or are the type of products that make you just sit there and sniff them ALL DAY ERRYDAY.

Especially as we move towards Autumn/Winter, I find myself gravitating towards products with comforting scents, such as Vanilla or generally quite sweet smells. Anyone would think this blog post has been sponsored by Soap & Glory, but it really hasn’t. Anyone who is worth knowing knows that their products smell INCREDIBLE and those people are aware of how difficult it is to refrain from smeating (Smell – Eating, I have just made this up).

I have selected a few of my favourite products that suitably tickle the nostrils, and included some pictures below:

Soap & Glory Smoothie Breakfast Scrub, Soap & Glory Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream, Dove Heat Protect Spray, Soap & Glory Clean On Me Shower Gel, Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads, YSL Volupté Sheer Candy


1. Soap & Glory Products – 

Smoothie Breakfast Scrub:

Well, where do you start with this company. I first found Soap & Glory via the Smoothie Breakfast Scrub and just fell in love with it. (I have all the products next to me ready to smell and describe – smescribe – so let’s see how this pans out). It smells like REALLY NICE CAKE, and to me it isn’t very ‘Breakfast-y at all). But my god, this smells SO GOOD. It comes in a massive tub so it will last you quite a while! This is a really great body scrub, and it has exfoliating sugars that are just coarse enough to smooth the skin. It also gives you really smooth skin after and is very moisturising, which you don’t usually get from a body scrub.


 Smoothie Lightly Whipped Body Buttercream

Surprise surprise, another product that smells like cake. This body butter actually smells a bit like actual cake sponge, which might not sound great but it’s like the smell of cake multiplied by infinity, and there is nothing wrong with that. When you use the body butter the smell doesn’t hang around for too long, but the cream itself is brilliant, really moisturising and sinks in nicely. According to the label it contains vanilla and coconut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual ingredients label stated ‘Victoria Sponge’.


Clean On Me Clarifying Shower Gel

Slightly different to the two above, this smell does what it says on the pump dispenser. CLEAN. A WHOLE LOTTA CLEAN. This smells absolutely amazing, it’s fresh and zesty, and is brilliant for helping you wake up in the morning. The shower gel is great for clarifying the skin, and lathers up really nicely so you feel like it’s really cleansing. I don’t know if there are any other people out there who hate shower gels that don’t foam up. Impostors.

2. Dove Heat Protect Spray – 

I heard Tanya Burr raving about this spray in one of her monthly favourite youtube videos, and I had just run out of my Tre Semmé Heat Protectant so thought I would give this a go. I cannot tell you how good this smells (which is useful as I am writing a blog post about it). It smells a little bit like a clean powdery baby. I KNOW THAT IS WEIRD but go with it. It’s slightly sweet, but the nicest and most comforting smell. Again, it doesn’t hang around much if you use it on damp hair and then dry it, but it really does smell phenomenal.

3. Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover Pads – 

Now, anyone who uses nail polish remover knows that it stinks. Strong, acetone-y alcoholly smell. So when I found these nail polish remover pads from Boots that I had bought because they are travel size, I was not expecting such a lovely smell. As soon as you open the little black pot, you get hit in the face with a waft of fruity goodness (I swear they should make this a perfume, it smells so good). There are other smells present but I can’t quite work out what they are, go pick some up, they aren’t very expensive and please tell me if you can describe the smell better! Also, very good for removing nail polish. Who’da thunk it.

4. YSL Volupté Sheer Candy – 

Finally, a product that I have reviewed here before, which is really amazing. This YSL lipstick is beautiful, the packaging is beautiful, the satisfying click close is beautiful, but the SMELL. Watermelon, fresh, apple-y smell. I could sniff this all day long, and suitably it is a product you use on your lips…and they happen to be situated right under your nose! It really is amazing, and is a bit of a throw back to summer if you ask me!


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Top 5 Haircare Products

Today I thought I’d share my top 5 haircare products (just to mix it up a bit). There are so many beauty bloggers who rave about really high end products, but drug store equivalents are usually pretty good, and all of these products in this post are affordable,  easy to get hold of, and do wonders for my barnet.


Here is the run down (left to right, click the headers for links):


1. Phil Smith Argan Oil Transforming Cream

This little tube of wonderfulness was actually free in a magazine, and I have to say it is one of the best things I have ever used. AND it has lasted way longer than it should have. This argan oil cream is perfect to use once you have washed your hair. I use my Tangle Teezer and brush through my hair, smooth a small blob of this between my hands and run it through the mid lengths to ends of my hair. It doesn’t need rinsing out or anything, and you just dry your hair as normal. It smells like summer, coconut and general goodness, and leaves your hair mega soft. Unfortunately I’m not too sure where you can get this now…I’m just hoping mine is like Mary Poppin’s bag and will never end…


2. The Body Shop Brazil Nut Define & No Frizz…something

I think my sister introduced me to this product, and it’s been a staple in my stash for a very long time. This product is ideal if you tend to straighten your hair a lot (as i do). When you get a few flyways (or the odd perfectly vertical hair in the middle of your head), rub a bit of this between your fingers and use it to smooth them down. This also smells summery and a bit cocoa like, and you only need a tiny bit so it lasts FOR AGES.


3. L’oréal Studioline Volume Supersizing Spray

This stuff is brilliant! I found this because I was desperately trying to restrain myself from buying the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, which costs a mighty £39! Although the L’Oréal spray probably doesn’t smell as good as the Oribe, it is perfect for adding a bit of texture if you want a more matte hair look. It still smells pretty nice, and in a way acts a little as a dry shampoop (that was on purpose). At a measly THREE POUNDS AND SEVENTY NINE PENCE, I would say try this before you go and part with a chunk of your daily wages on anything too high end.


4. TreSemmé Heat Protect Mist

I’ve tried quite a few heat protectants, and this is my favourite. There was one utterly atrocious Schwarzkopf spray I once tried and it felt like someone had thrown chewing gum in my hair, but alas, we can’t have it all. This spray is quite water based, and because of this it is easy to brush through, and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky or chewing gummy in the slightest. I am a big fan of TreSemmé products generally, and this did not disappoint.


5. Umberto Gianni Leave In Conditioner

This leave in conditioner is probably my favourite of all. It is a spray, so it’s really easy to use and spray on the mid lengths to ends of your hair. It smells GORGEOUS, and works really well if you leave it in overnight. When you rinse it out you really feel like it has ‘done good’. Tip – if you are going on holiday and want to give your hair a rest from sun damage or chlorine damage, give it a wash and spray this in. Leave it overnight and put your hair into plaits, and the next day you’ll have really wavy, conditioned hair.

ALSO, no hair care post is complete without a little shout out to the best of them all, the humble Tangle Teezer.

Oh Tangle Teezer, you liberate me from Frizzdomhood and Knotsville…AND YOU HAZ GLITTER


This bank holiday weekend I have given my hair a bit of a rest, with a good old chop to sort the ends out and I’ll be using the leave in condition above to make sure my dip dyed ends don’t get dry. Time to break out the hair pineapple, a cup of tea and youtube! Ahh bank holiday well spent…

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