HOT OFF THE PRESS – Lily Collins Blue Eyeliner Make Up Tutorial

So you lovely lot, I’m feeling brave and telling you a secret. That isn’t really a secret.

This is my Youtube debut (well kinda, I have another video up before this one but I’m most proud of this one).

If you wanna see how I achieved the below make up look, please take a look at the video and subscribe if you want more tutorials like this, give it a thumbs up if you are thinking ‘that looks aite man!’


Any comments, likes, subscribes or general smiles or happy feelings about this video would be very welcomed! I know you guys are all lovely so I have no worries 🙂

Lots of love,
Roshni xxx


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Barry M ‘Watermelon’ and what might be my favourite polish of all time

I have a quick little post for you today on a weird colour for nail polish: GREEN. Not a huge fan of the acid, lime or foliage types, I tend to swerve more towards the turquoise, emerald and teal types when it comes to beauty and nails.

The polishes I have used today are a deep dark green, with the glitter being more of a navy teal kind of colour. It’s that same 17 polish I’ve spoken about before that I thought they had discontinued, I’ve just had a look on the Boots website though and it looks like they have it! REJOICE. I’m getting to the last few drops of mine, even tried to pour a bit of nail polish remover in it to spark it up again but ALAS, it didn’t help :(.

Barry M Gelly in 'Watermelon' and 17 'Navy Glint'
Barry M Gelly in ‘Watermelon’ and 17 ‘Navy Glint’

This look uses ‘Watermelon’ all over and then ‘Navy Glint’ as an accent. I can’t stress how much I love this colour, I think its the perfect everyday glitter that looks really chic and understated. It also comes off with remover like a dream!

I already love the Barry M Gelly polishes, they are some of the best that I have tried. The finish is always great and the opacity is brilliant once you get to your second coat at least. I find that the darkest colours come up the best in this range, as they really pick up the shine.




What do you think of this look?

More importantly, what is your favourite polish in the world? Think of if your collection got stolen (god forbid) what is the shade you’d pine for the most?!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roshni xxx

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Hello Everyone!

I have a review post for you today, for the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate that I picked up from Space NK last month. I had seen this in a lot of pamper routines on Youtube, and had heard even more about it on the internets :p. I was intrigued, because usually I wouldn’t really go for an oil or oil based product for my skin and I wanted to give it a go.


This oil is meant to restore health and glow to the skin, pretty much overnight, providing a dramatic difference in the health of your skin. This is quite a claim! I started using this at night (duh) a few weeks ago and have to say I don’t think it’s an every day product. I like the scent, it’s not too overpowering and actually is quite a nice smell to have around (questionable wording there) just before bed time, especially after a bath or shower.


The bottle itself has a little pipette built into the lid which I think is a great idea. I can’t think of a better way to dispense this product, especially as it’s an oil and it reminds me of playing with pipettes back in science lessons (embarrassing).

I tend to spread a line of this oil onto the inside of my forefinger and the two fingers next to them, and rub it against my palms to warm the oil up before I apply it to my face. I make sure this is well rubbed into my skin, also making sure to apply it to my neck as well. Luckily this oil isn’t too greasy on the skin, don’t get me wrong you can easily apply too much of this, and even at the right amount you can see a hint of it on the surface.

I think a dramatic difference overnight is a bit of an over egged claim, I think it has helped to keep my skin looking fresh and blowy but not necessarily improved it a massive amount. I have to say it definitely hasn’t moisturised as much as I thought it would, and have found myself reaching for my night cream for areas that are particularly troublesome.

Overall, I think I will be using this on nights where I think that my skin needs to be soothed with something more natural based, rather than using it when my skin looks bad. There is something quite luxurious feeling about using this product, I can’t quite put my finger/pipette on it, but it feels really lovely to apply.

Have any of you guys used this product? Or anything else from the Kiehl’s range?

Thank you for reading 🙂

Roshni xx

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Boots! – Mini Haul #3

Wow, I can’t believe I have only gone up to #3 of my Mini Haul posts on this blog. I think what happens is that I buy a few things and get too excited to use them…so I forget to Mini Haul them :(.

I popped to Boots to pick up a new Soap & Glory Brow Archery as mine had run out and I got accidentally on purpose side tracked by a few beautiful things as I made my way through the aisles. I’m going to give you a brief tour through the carrier baggy bliss that is my most recent Boots haul 🙂 enjoy!


You can see that even though I repurchased that Soap & Glory Brow Archery, I actually forgot to include it in this haul as my brain must have deemed it a boring part of the haul (oops).

The first things I picked up were some false eyelashes, which were on special offer 3 for 2. Usually I go for the really natural lashes as I have quite naturally long eyelashes anyway. This time I thought I’d branch out and get the ‘Banging Beauty’ (what an atrocious name), ‘Lightweight Eyelure No 101’ and the ‘Feline Fierce’ (marginally better name) from the Katy Perry Range.

I’m looking forward to trying these out to see how extreme they look!


The next thing I picked up is probably my favourite, it was a Barry M ‘Bold Blue’ Waterproof Eyeliner, which is simply the most BEAUTIFUL colour it makes my heart squeeze. I tried it out and fell in love with it instantly, I have included a picture for you to see as well.

Ahhhh it’s so pretty!

There is a really lovely metallic shimmer to this shade and although the pencil is quite dark to look at when you apply it to your waterline it actually comes off a lot lighter. The formula is great as it is really soft and it can stand me rubbing my eyes (which I tend to do quite a lot) and it didn’t budge!



The next thing that I spotted was a Barry M nail polish in a lovely marshmallowy, soft baby pink colour, but it also said ‘Quick Dry’ on the bottle. I was intrigued, as I usually don’t worry about nail polish drying times as I have my trusty Seche Vite to fall back on. I thought this was worth a shot, so I’ll update you in due course. I do love the colour and think this will look great as it nears springtime. The shade is called ‘Kiss Me Quick’, had I gone shopping last week it could have been in a Valentines haul!


The next item I picked was the influence of a lovely blogger and Youtuber called Kaushul (Kaushul Beauty). She uses a really affordable Natural Collections eyeshadow in ‘Crushed Walnut’ as a cheekbone contour, so I thought I would give it a go. It’s only £1.99 so it’s definitely more affordable than a fancy bronzer, it is a very cool toned dark brown, so again I will update you once I have tried this out! I don’t like a harsh contour and to be honest I’m not very good at it so we’ll see how I get on…


The last thing I picked up was the new Colour Band eyeshadow sticks by Bourjois. I heard about these after watching a Lily Pebbles Youtube video, where she had picked up the dark brown and pinky beige colour. I was tempted to buy the brown but already have similar eyeshadow sticks so I picked up the jet black instead. This apparently is a two in one eyeliner and eyeshadow stick, so I’ve got high hopes for this. This has no shimmer in it, it is a simply VERY BLACK soft shadow stick, that looks really great to be blended in. I might do a little tutorial or post on this if you guys would be interested? 🙂



OK so I have just realised how long this post is…oops!

I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂 have you tried any of these products?

Roshni xx

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Who knew Sellotape was so useful?! Easy Striped Nail Look

Originally took a picture with May in the background and thought 'Well that looks wrong'
Originally took a picture with May in the background and thought ‘Well that looks wrong’

Here is a really simple nail look, which seems like it would take ages to do but is actually quicker than you think!

For this to work in the best way, I would recommend painting your main colour the day before, and then applying the glitter the next day to ensure that your first colour has COMPLETELY dried.

For the base colour, I used Tanya Burr’s New York Night which is a really dark, deep purple which comes off almost black on the nail. I let this dry for about a minute, then I applied a thin layer of Seche Vite and left it to dry.

The next day, I fancied updating this look with something a bit more striking, but still subtle at the same time. Browsing through my nail polish collection, I rediscovered my Models Own glitter polish in Disco Mix and thought that this would go perfectly with New York Night.

I used Sellotape to make the clean lines for the glitter polish. I literally cut a chunk of sellotape and applied it diagonally across the nail, and then one the other side leaving a thin strip of nail still open. I did this to a couple of nails at a time, then gently applied the glitter polish over the top, letting it dry while I applied the tape to the other nails.

As long as you have a smidge of patience and a slight steady hand, then this should be easy enough to do.

Once you have applied the glitter polish to all nails, you can peel the tape off. I would peel the tape off starting from the base of the nail, as this is less likely to pull the polish onto the rest of the nail.

Then, once dry to the touch, apply a top coat…I just applied a thin second layer of Seche Vite 🙂


haha, here is the may picture for you to laugh at :)
Haha, here is the May picture for you to laugh at 🙂

Curious to see how this works for french manicures, if I can ever be bothered to do them!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Don’t forget, you can follow me on Bloglovin’, Pinterest, and Instagram!

Roshni x

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Essie ‘Aruba’ and OPI ‘Silver Shatter’

Hello Everyone!

Today’s nail polish look that I am bringing to you uses one type of varnish that was all the rage about a year ago. Shatter nail polishes started to come out in all types of colours and shimmery shades, all over the shop!

I chose Essie’s ‘Aruba’ as the base shade in this look. This is one of my most favourite colours in the world ever, and I have to say trying something new with the shatter polish over the top actually pained me as ‘Aruba’ looked SO good just as it was.

‘Aruba’ is a brilliant polish, it goes on very opaque, particularly on second coat. To me it reminds me of Egypt and Cleopatra when I look at it, it also looks great with tanned skin.


The OPI Silver Shatter shade that I have used in this post looks like quite a dark silver in the bottle, but as soon as you apply it, it actually comes out quite a cold, bright silver. I really like this, as even if you by accident put a thick coat of the shatter on, as it dries it separates just enough to show the colour underneath and it doesn’t make your finished look TOO silvery.

I love the combination of blue and silver together, the more I look at this too the more I think I should probably have done this around winter, but I still really like it.


Have you guys tried any good shatter polishes? Also, what is your favourite Essie polish?

I’m really tempted to get a cool lilaccy blue colour but every time I look at my vast collection of polishes I can hear my cabinet groaning at the thought of the weight of MORE nail varnishes (gah).

Thanks for reading!

Rosh x

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Nameless Nail Varnish?! Shame on you, French Connection

This week I had one of those weeks where I just really couldn’t be bothered with doing my nails. I left them bare for most of the week partly because I am lazy and partly because I remember reading about this crazy lady who had nail varnish on her nails ALL the time and they went weird and then she didn’t have any left 🙁 🙁 :(.(I think that story has frightened me a little).

When sifting through my nail polish collection (at the moment it’s in a large square Ikea box), I decided to revisit an old favourite. A while ago my eldest sister bought me a French Connection nail varnish set that contained some pretty random shades. Of all the shades, there was a brilliant electric shimmery blue, that was still quite dark but bright at the same time.

I remember when I opened the pack and turned the little nail polishes with matte bottle tops upside down I was DISMAYED to find out that they have no names. Not even a little number to identify them. In spite of this, I really do love this colour. The formula isn’t great to be honest, I have used a much paler pink shade from this range before and it needs a good 2 – 3 coats for it to start to build up the colour.


On top of this I have used Ciaté’s Celestial, once again, as you guys know I love this. This glitter top coat just goes so beautifully over other blues due to the teeny little blue flecks in the polish.


Have any of you tried the French Connection nail polishes? Also, does anyone have any good tips for nail polish storage? I definitely will be having a cheeky look on Muji very soon from what I can tell…

Thanks for reading 🙂


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The 1 Coat Only Glitter

So, I have to say I am amazed.

Ciaté have done it again! As you lot know, I have a lot of new mini’s to try out and this week I gave ‘Mineral Clarity’ a go as it looked really cool in the bottle.

The formula is REALLY thick and there are no gaps between the glitter as you apply it first coat. This means it would be a great polish to use when you want to look like you’ve made a lot of effort when you have very little time.


This looks completely different in the bottle to how it looks on. When applied, it actually takes on a cool toned lilac/blue colour, which is really unique and very on trend. (The lilac doesn’t show at all in the photos but it does in real life). The glitter is quite coarse, but when it catches the light it is really pretty.


I can imagine that I will end up using this polish up really quick, as 1. I LOVE IT and 2. it is really thick so the brush gets pretty loaded up with polish.

In the bottle it looks like the sheen you get when you see a puddle that has drops of petrol in it (some people somewhere will know what I mean and not think I’m a psycho). But like I said on the nail it is a really pale lilaccy blue, it has quite a frosty look about it.

Have you guys got a favourite Ciaté polish?

I’d never really tried them before until I got my advent calendar, but I have to say I’m now a massive fan 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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Magazine Freebies – Ciaté Mini – Ferris Wheel

Hands up who has ever bought a magazine just for the freebie that comes with it? *both my hands and one leg instantly shoots up*

This happens to me regularly, but no more so than when I saw the July issue of Marie Claire (which I have never read before). The reason I bought it was because of the little Ciaté Mini duo that came with it. I think they were available in lilac and a light blue, and I went for the light blue. I’m really glad I did actually, because the colour is really chic and the formula is very nice :).

The duo contained one normal nail polish, and a strange ‘Caviar’ bottle which contained lots of little silver and blue beads. This is meant to be sprinkled over the shade ‘Ferris Wheel’ before it dries, but I’ve been too chicken to try it out because I feel like it will look a bit stupid. Strange, as ‘Ferris Wheel’ looks so grown up and chic, yet this Caviar malarky looks a tad childish.

Here are the oxymoronic duo:



I used the same process as I did in my ‘Barry M’ post, which resulted in a satisfactory shiny finish (that is until I hung up some trousers and trapped my thumb in the clips – hence ruining the polish. Redoing one nail is not the one.)

The formula of ‘Ferris Wheel’ is quite streaky and wan when you first put it on, but when you let it dry for about a minute and apply a second coat, you can easily build up the colour to a lovely duck egg blue. This looks great with a tan (or genetically brown skin) and is perfect for the heat wave we are currently experiencing in the UK.

Look at them chubby lil fingers


I have used this a couple of times before, and can already see the amount of polish go down :(. So am pretty impressed with this as the first Ciaté polish I have tried. Shame I thought the magazine was crap, but oh well!


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