Using A Beauty Blending Sponge for the first time…

I am a creature of habit most of the time. However, every now and then I bravely venture out into the unknown!!!

I decided it was about time to try applying my foundation with a beauty blender/beauty blending sponge rather than a traditional foundation brush! *nods with conviction* 

In my May Birchbox I received this pretty little pink Unicorn Tears Blending Sponge along with a few other mini products. I had always applied my foundation with either a Real Techniques Stippling Brush (back in the day) or a Real Techniques Buffing Brush. Both of these brushes give amazing coverage, but I had heard and seen so many people raving about using a blending sponge that I just had to try it! That was one of the things that actually made me decide to sign up to Birchbox in the first place, after a long time of being curious about beauty subscription boxes.

The sponge itself was available in pink and lilac – typical unicorny colours! Also if you click the Spectrum Collections link here look at their little website icon in the address bar, yes it’s a unicorn lol. 

The sponge is firm – firmer than I imagined it to be because when you think of a sponge it’s usually springy and bouncy! The sponge is teardrop shaped so you can use the fat bottom part to cover more face ground quicker and the pointed end is perfect for touching up concealer under your eyes.

I have been practising with this for a few days before writing this post as I wanted to make sure I myself knew how I wanted to use it before telling you all about it in case I had any Roshni Reviews exclusive tips! Haha 🙂

Beauty Blender - Before and After Water!

I’ve found that using this to apply my foundation in this warm summer has been really enjoyable – mostly because before use you are meant to run this under the tap, so the fact it’s been under a cold tap has been quite a refreshing way to do my make up! You run the sponge under the tap to help it expand and once it’s done that, squeeze as much of the water out as possible. I usually then use a towel to dab any water from the outside of it so it’s not too wet when you apply your foundation.

Using a make up sponge like this will also soak up any excess foundation, so I have found that if you put on your normal amount of foundation you might actually need a bit more than this to account for the foundation that gets soaked up. For an extra flawless finish you can always add an extra layer of foundation for more coverage.

What you are left with after bouncing this around your face is really natural, flawless foundation and I think I’m falling in love with it! The foundation I use is the Estée Lauder Doublewear in the shade Ivory Beige and I dot this round my face with a cotton bud, then use the blending sponge to dab/press it into my skin.

Lastly you would need to air dry this sponge, so I leave mine standing on this cute little ceramic tray that says ‘Absolutely Fabulous’!


I hope you found this review useful – I’m so glad I’ve changed up the way I apply my foundation, it actually looks alot more natural!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx


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