Sunday Review Time – Benefit’s Cutie Cravings

Hello Everyone!

What better to browse on a Sunday afternoon than a good old review (go make yourself a cup of tea in preparation). We had a glorious day of sunshine yesterday, today however I am looking out the window and it’s as drab as ever, doing that odd spitty drizzly rain thing that makes you wonder why we live in the UK. Today I will be reviewing the Benefit Cutie Cravings make up kit.

This set is an odd one for me, I love the packaging as it’s a tin that looks like a little shop, but even saying the words ‘Cutie Cravings’ makes me shudder inside and think ‘Why, Benefit, why!’ (When I hear cutesy words like that it makes me want to be sick).

Anyway, enough of that, I think it’s time for you to see it and hear a bit more about the contents:


The lid to this flips up to show you the inside:


This set includes a mini Porefessional primer, 4 Benefit Eyeshadows with sponge applicator, a Hoola bronzer with little brush, a sample size ‘They’re Real’ mascara and a lip gloss.

I really like the mix of products in here as it’s not too skincare focused, or too eyes focused. One thing I noticed straight away is the shade of the Hoola bronzer looks much lighter in here than in the full size version, but I have had my full size version for quite a while so that may be why.

I have tried the Porefessional primer before, I wasn’t blown away by it but it is a good primer to use around the T zone before applying make up to make it last longer and to minimise the look of pores (surprise surprise).

For me, the really impressive parts of this kit are the eyeshadows and the mascara. The eyeshadows are a great consistency, buttery and velvety, they apply like a dream. The only criticism I would have is that the fourth glittery shade has coarser glitter particles than other higher end eyeshadows. The shades are really subtle and pretty, and the third matte brown colour is great for applying in the crease. I do think a double sided brush rather than a sponge applicator would have been more useful.

Here’s a close up:

Hi, Sponge Applicator that I will never use. Shades from left to right are: ‘It’s Complicated’, ‘Nude Swings’, ‘Quick, Look Busy’ and ‘Thanks a Latte’

The mascara ‘They’re Real’ had a massive hype when it first came out. I was quite late to the party with that one, but it really is an amazing mascara. It lengthens, holds a curl really well and is a true jet black colour (not ashy like some that you can get). I tend to put this on on days where I want it to last, and also when I know I won’t have to rush to take my make up off. This stuff sticks fast, so you will need a good make up remover to get it off!

The lip gloss in this set is really lovely, it looks like quite a non descript colour in the tube but once applied it is very opaque and balmy. It’s not too sticky, but it is one where you would have to reapply it often.


Finally, onto the Hoola bronzer, which I have used before in a full size version and loved it. It’s the perfect matte warm shade bronzer, that has great staying power. The product itself lasts for ages too, so this sample sized amount will last me a very long time! The little brush again I doubt I will use, but if it is one of those sets you will be travelling with it is a great idea.

All in all, this is an ideal gift for a make up junkie, with the stand out performers being the eyeshadows and the mascara for me personally.

What are your favourite Benefit products?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Roshni xxx

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