Sunday Review – Slendertox Tea 14 Day Teatox!

So I ‘attended’ a twitter party recently and was very, VERY kindly gifted a sample of Slendertox Tea!

I had never really been one for diets, to be fair when I was younger I pretty much was able to eat what I wanted without putting any weight on. Nowadays, if I have a few too many McDonalds then it goes straight onto my bottom half. My top half pretty much stays the same, as for most people it’s waist, thighs and arse that tends to grow!

I was intrigued to see how a tea can cleanse your body, it is essentially designed to be a detox tea. It contains all natural ingredients, so it helps to speed up your metabolism and keeps you energised.

Slendertox kindly sent me a 14 daily Teatox, with an extra Sleeptox which you drink on alternate nights. Before starting the Teatox I weighed myself (Oi you lot watch it I’m not saying the weight on here!) so I also planned to weigh myself afterwards to see if there’s any difference! I made a decision to eat properly and healthily, with little luxuries in moderation (such as sugar in my tea). I know that this might mean I can’t tell whether the better eating or tea has made a difference but I’ll be honest in my review!


Day One of Teatox:

The smell is awful when you open the packet, savoury and herby and bleurgh. BUT the actual tea doesn’t taste too bad, obviously not the same nice comforting taste as normal tea bags but it’s definitely drinkable. Slendertox actually say you can add a sweetener such as honey and I opted for unrefined brown sugar which made it a bit more enjoyable!

Day Five of Teatox:

I actually feel slimmer! Safe to say the way this tea works is to speed up your metabolism and it really does CLEANSE your insides. If you know what I mean. It makes your tummy a bit gurgly but that tends to chill out a bit after a while. I most definitely don’t feel as tired as I usually do in the evenings after work, so all in all really happy so far!

Day Nine of Teatox: 

What I’ve noticed at this point is that I have now become familiar with the taste of this tea and my favourite way to drink it is with a spoonful of unrefined brown sugar in it. Not ideal, I know but I love sweet tea. I feel much slimmer in the day, my metabolism is definitely faster and I have ALOT more energy. I haven’t noticed a stark difference in my figure (I did go out to eat the other day) but we will see when we get to the weigh in!

Day Eleven of Teatox:

Wow, I’m digesting food quick! That’s the main thing I’ve noticed over the past few days. I can eat a meal and then feel like I have an empty belly not very long after that! Definitely feel more comfortable knowing that my belly isn’t sticking out :).

Last Day of Teatox:

I’ve lost 3kg!!

I’m actually very impressed because I didn’t expect to lose any weight at all. I definitely feel better in myself, less lethargic and a bit slimmer. I would definitely buy this again but not straight away, probably in time for my sisters wedding so I don’t look like a whale in a sari :).

Take a look at their website to browse the range of teas, hey at least this way you know they work!

Thanks for reading,

Roshni xxx

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