Sunday Review – MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Happy Sunday All!

Today I have a mini review for you, of something that I’ve wanted to purchase for quite a while. MAC Paint Pots are infamous for their long lasting colour and the way that certain shades can be used to blank out the eye lid which makes them ideal for an eyeshadow base.

Instead of trying fancy primers and bases I researched the shade of paint pot that I wanted and decided on Painterly. This seemed like a good neutral shade, which would make sure that any eyeshadows I use wouldn’t crease. One of the great things about using a paint pot, is that it makes the colour of any eyeshadow you use pop more because you are using a lighter base colour. I bought mine from Debenhams online because I already had a £5 loyalty bonus saved up and there was already 10% off MAC (lucky me!).


I was really pleased with the shade of this when I opened it up, buying things (particularly make up when you are trying to pick a colour) can be tricky online. This nude is a creamy, flesh pink colour and is perfect to use as an eyeshadow base. It actually looks quite pretty just patted over the lid on it’s own, with a touch of brown eyeshadow added into the crease.



As you can see from the swatch above, it’s pretty similar to my skin tone. I’m enjoying using this to make winged eyeliner look more precise, and it’s good at brightening up the eye area for a really simple daytime look. I’m thinking I might do a tutorial with this, if you want me to do one please comment below or let me know! 😀

Thanks for reading and have a WICKED Bank Holiday weekend!

Roshni xxx


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