Sunday Review: bareMinerals Bareskin foundation

When I wrote that title it just made me think of Bear Skin. I’m no bear.

Today I have a review for you and I may just have to pre warn you, prepare yourselves for a bit of a rant. I’ve been on the hunt for a good foundation recently as I have used the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 55 for a long time now. My problem with it is that the undertone is quite orangey and although it’s the closest colour match in the range for me it’s still not ideal.

I was drawn to trying the Bare Minerals foundations because I knew they had very little artificial ingredients in them and this foundation also has skin care built in which aims to aid your skin whilst you wear it each day. I was colour matched for this foundation by a kind lady on the Bare Minerals counter in Boots, who also gave me a sample of their new CC cream as well.

Now, onto the product itself.



I like the way that this foundation is housed, it is a simple plastic bottle where the colour of the outside matches the exact shade you have chosen. The cap is brilliant, as although it is a screw cap, it has a sturdy ‘click’ as it shuts on the last turn. That’s perfect for travelling. The bottle doesn’t need squeezing to dispense so you can just hold it over your make up brush and add a few dots of foundation straight onto it.


For a ‘serum’ foundation, this sure doesn’t feel like one. By that I mean, it is a very thin formula but it does give quite medium coverage. When I said this foundation contains very little artificial ingredients this means it also doesn’t have anything to bind the foundation together, so it is VITAL that you shake the bottle well before applying. If you don’t you’ll end up with an oily sheen which is just a bit disgusting.


The coverage is actually better than I thought it would be from this little bottle. This is the best colour match for my face that I have ever found! Annoyingly though, I find that this product isn’t very buildable and you will find out why when you read the next point.

Wow. That’s skin close up.


*takes deep breath*

OK, so this foundation is very thin and velvety, as I mentioned before. But, SOMEONE may want to grab this foundation an Oyster card because BOY does this travel on your face. The finish of it is very shiny, I think a good shake of the bottle will definitely improve this but I don’t like that this foundation sits on the skin. I think that was meant to be a USP of it, the fact that it doesn’t sink into the skin and clog pores. I however think this is crap because when I touch my skin after applying, I can feel it there and my face does still look pretty shiny.

ALSO, if you don’t check properly when you have applied with a brush it’s very possible you’ll see actual brush strokes on your face in the foundation. When I say this travels, it will sit in any lines you have and can be easily moved if anyone (god forbid) moves a finger down your cheek. You will see a streak.

After powdering, all of the above cons are made slightly better. But still, I am not really that impressed and I think my quest for a new foundation will have to continue. I will TRY to use this up in some way (maybe by mixing it with the Healthy Mix) to make sure it doesn’t just sit forgotten and lonely on my dressing table.


Have any of you guys tried the Bare Skin foundation? Thoughts?

Thank you for reading, and happy Sunday Y’all!

Rosh xxx


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