Spectrum Collections Make Up Brushes!

Spectrum Eye Brush Set

If you are up to date with the beauty world then you might have seen a picture of these mermaid inspired make up brushes floating around the internet…but if you haven’t, then you are welcome :). These brushes have been created by a brand called Spectrum Collections and they are currently taking social media by storm – particularly Pinterest and Instagram (Instagram is where I first saw them)…

Their trademark blue and purple brush tips have been getting make up mad bloggers everywhere a bit goo goo eyed but this doesn’t surprise me because they really are beautiful. I first found Spectrum Collections because of my make up sponge from the brand, which I got in my June Birchbox
Spectrum Make Up Brushes

As make up brushes and sets go, these are actually pretty affordable. My pictures show the 8 Piece Eye Blending Set which is around £23 but you can get face brushes and gorgeous rainbow tinted brushes as well :). That’s like £2.80 a brush!! The handles are wood which is where I think they have saved the most cost :D.

These brushes are vegan registered and cruelty free! Spectrum Collections is a mermaid and unicorn inspired brand, the brushes are made from synthetic hair and these have these gorgeous bright bristles that are as silky and soft as something really silky and soft!

Having used this eye set, the variety of brushes you get is great because you have the tapered blending brushes you would need, little smudger brushed AND brushes for packing on colour so you get a real mix.

SC Make Up Brushes

All in all I really like these brushes – they are definitely up there with my Zoeva Rose Gold brushes and they are a pretty yet functional addition to my make up routine!

I haven’t cleaned these yet so when I get around to it I will let you know what I thinks 🙂

Have you tried these brushes yet?! What are your favourite make up brushes?

Thanks for reading lovely people,

Roshni xxx

**I kindly received a discount for purchasing these brushes but as ever all opinions are my own. I have a brain, you know.**

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