Skyn Icelandic Relief Eye Cream – Review!


Hi Guys!

I’ve got a little product review for you today and this is an eye cream that I really enjoyed using, so I thought I’d share my opinions with you!

I’ve completely used up this Skyn Iceland Iceland Relief Eye Cream (£38 for 14g) and don’t worry, I didn’t actually pay £38 for this. At Christmas last year I treated myself to the M&S Beauty Advent Calendar and this eye cream came as one of the little beauty products in it. (That’s why you can see the eye cream I have in the picture is only 5ml!)

This eye cream claims  to reduce puffiness, wrinkles, dark circles and light diffuse the eye area – so you know, only a FEW claims there.

I found this eye cream really nice to use actually, you could probably put this in the fridge in summer time to make it extra nice to use as it would be really refreshing! The weirdest thing about this eye cream for me was the consistency. You should be able to see from the picture, but it actually looks really gross (yeesh).


You can see that it almost looks a bit…I don’t really want to say it but..congealed?! It is bitty and comes out in little lumps rather than a smooth cream that you can dip your finger into. Though, I pushed past the disturbing consistency and found that you have to smear a little under your eyes and then use the warmth of your finger to gently melt the cream into the skin under your eyes. Once you get to that stage, the product actually feels really nice to use!

I found that my under eyes were really moisturised and in particular I liked how it felt under make up. It’s a pretty hefty price tag though, so that has put me off buying the full size. Instead I’ve gone for the Origins Perfect World Eye Cream (is still esspensiveee!) so if you want a little review of that let me know in the comments!

Have you tried this eye cream? What’s your favourite eye cream to use?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Rosh xxx

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