Seventeen Lipsticks – Seriously Underrated!

Out of all of my most used lipsticks, the one that I would say is the most affordable is a lipstick from the brand Seventeen. I only have two of these lipsticks but I would say they are some of my favourites!

I have a few MAC lipsticks in my collection, but you can get THREE 17 lipsticks for the price of one MAC one – and if you are looking for something moisturising, natural and sheer then I would definitely look at the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipsticks. They are such a bargain, at only £4.79!!!! That is insane for such a great quality lipstick, a lot of people are prepared to pay 3 – 4 times that for a lipstick nowadays.

The shade I have most recently bought is called ‘Belle’, which is a beautiful sheer pink with a hint of brown running through it. Usually before I use a lipstick I would always apply a lip balm so that my lips don’t get dry, but these lipsticks are so moisturising you don’t need to do that and they give such a natural finish.

17 belle lipstick

I also have the shade ‘Beehive’ which is a lighter, more nudey peachy colour which is just as beautiful as Belle. I have Belle in my handbag at the moment and I love it! I tend to just swipe these over my lips in the morning and because they are quite natural you can reapply easily if it wears off.

As the formula is sheer, I wouldn’t expect this to last for hours and hours. This is why it’s probably best to get the more nude, natural shades in this range. I would describe the formula for these lipsticks as ‘juicy’, which is a term that makes me cringe and want to crawl into a hole at the same time, but it is the best way to describe them.

17 belle lipstick swatch

As you can see from the swatch, this lipstick is very sheer and it’s not meant to last on your lips forever – it’s more of a wash of colour. Saying that though, if you have thin lips I would say because these are sheer, with a good lip liner they would help to plump up your lips and you could just easily reapply over the top if it wears off.

These lipsticks also come with a mirror inside the packaging!

17 lipstick mirror

Other than these lipsticks, I do like the 17 nail varnishes as they do some really gorgeous colours.

Is there anything else amazing from the 17 range that I might not have tried yet?

I hope you enjoyed this review!

Thanks for reading!

Love Roshni xxx


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