Regent Street Nails Inc

After you lovely ‘Pressers seemed to like my last ‘Understated Christmas Manicure‘ post, I thought I would do a few more of these so you can see how I have my nails week on week. I used to actually bite my nails, so being able to experiment knowing it will look half decent means that I now ALWAYS like to have presentable nails.

The look I went for this week used Nails Inc ‘Regent Street’, which is a gorgeous deep burgundy colour which is perfect for Autumn/Winter. To make this slightly more christmassy I added a gold glitter over the top of the ring finger nail, as an accent. This lifts a glossy prim and proper manicure and adds a touch of fun.


Recently I have been loving keeping my nails quite short (nobody wants sharp talons when they are tapping away at a keyboard at work), and keeping them quite squoval (square oval) as this is the most flattering shape for me.

The gold glitter polish I used was a No7 one, but I have to say I’m not a massive fan as it feels quite gritty and the glitter particles are quite big. It’s not a polish you can layer up, as it comes out quite thick from the minute the brush touches the nail.

As always, a layer of Seche Vite means that I know for sure I will last for at least 1 week before I find any chips or scuffs…perfect so that I can get on with Christmas shopping, baking and lazing around!

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