New Year, New ‘Do!

For a while now I have been toying with the idea of a graduated bob, as I have had long hair for many many years now. I dip dyed my hair recently, and I have done it a good 3-4 times before. This had caused my hair to become a bit dry, and the red section that was dyed had started to take on an orangey brassy tint. I have tried dying over the dip dye before but my hair hangs onto colour for ages, and the lighter orangey red would just be visible under any darker colour I put over the top. A good old chop was required to cut off the drier ends, and get it looking healthy again!

So, I decided to take the plunge and actually get my long hair chopped into a bob. I have a pretty round face, so I was worried the bob would just emphasise this, but because it is graduated it isn’t too bulbous looking.

Here is the obligatory ‘before’ shot:


I was nervous I’ll admit, I know it is hair at the end of the day and it grows back quick…but still it’s a pretty big change!

The thought of less hair drying time, and the ease of spritzing a quick texturising spray and skipping out the door kept me stoic and determined!

Take a look at the mass of dip dye covering the floor!

Extensions, anyone? *shudder*

Once it had been nicely blowdried and straightened, with layers put in I got excited and ended up being really really happy with it. Yes my head feels lighter, and my neck is a bit chilly, but I really love it 🙂 and my hair looks and feels SO much healthier!

Here it is:


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