My Top Beauty Gripes

I’m going to run down the top 5 beauty gripes, if you have any beauty gripes I haven’t thought of please leave them in the comments so we can unite in our grumbles!

I think this post is going to get some of you nodding along in agreement, and if you are beauty junkies like me then you will know all about these annoyances.

1. MAC packaging

OK, so you can’t fault the products. Or the tools. One thing that MAC mavens MUST have encountered is the little plastic discs popping out of the black eyeshadow or blusher pots. Yep, the ones that you can’t get back in.

For one thing, the product is now extremely irritating to use. Rattly. Messy. Your powder will start to disintegrate. There is potential for your entire make up bag to end up looking like a beauty massacre.

My dad even tried to superglue the disc from my Satin Taupe back in but it just looked a mess!


2. Overpriced Skin Care

Since when was it OK for big beauty brands to charge over the odds for the smallest amount of skin care possible?

Benefit is a classic, they aren’t even famed for skin care and yet they can charge ridiculous prices. When you work it out to be around 59p PER GRAM that is verging on the ridiculous. Nevertheless if it feels nice on your skin then hey ho :).


3. Powder Breakages

Particularly when travelling, you guys will probably have known the horror when you open your make up bag, and find suspicious particles covering your make up brush handles…look further and you find your favourite powder completely smashed and just, everywhere.

Somewhere, some special person must be working on this predicament right now and they will probably end up making a lot of money.

Prepare to reel at the below image:


4. Lip Gloss and Your Hair become very quick BFF’s

You leave the house with some newly slicked on lip gloss or a gloss lipstick, only to find that the world’s most violent tornado has arrived outside your house.

The worst product of this scenario? As soon as you turn a corner your hair ends up welded to your bottom lip. No matter how many times you try to reinstate the air between your hair and said bottom lip, it just won’t budge. Also, you have now smeared it across your cheek.

We've all been there.
We’ve all been there.

5. Ruining a brand new lipstick

In the past, I have managed to ruin lipsticks in really unimaginable ways. The one I have taken a picture of to include here I don’t even remember how I did it :/

Typical, that when you get your brand new shiny lipstick out of it’s case and pop the top off, a freak slip of the hand means you can do one of the following:

1. Drop it.

2. Clip the top of the bullet when you try to shut the lipstick but haven’t put it away properly.

3. Take a chunk out of it by accident.


I hope you enjoyed hearing me moan about really important beauty issues.

What are your biggest beauty gripes? 🙂


*Disclaimer* – a couple of these pictures are from google, one reason being that I wasn’t going to smash a powder on purpose!


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