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Here is a post on my little dressing table area…this is where I drag myself every morning, and attempt to humanise my face. The results are usually dependent on the time that I get up. Early: Face is deemed viewable by family members, work colleagues and the odd stray dog. On time: Face is suitable to be viewed by strangers. Late: Holy shit, get that face back into bed.

I have the world’s tiniest room, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to have a  dressing table. I found a dressing table that was the perfect size online, from Wren Living, and got it at a steal for £49.00. Unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore (all you small roomed sisters, I’m sorry y’all). Paired with a wooden framed mirror, and some Muji storage, this makes for an understated, compact little dressing table area.



The beige cover that you see on top of the table I made to make sure that the pure white table top didn’t quickly get foundation smears and marks all over it. I simply bought some fancy fabric, measured the size of the table and sewed the edges together. It goes quite well with the gold, cream and blue theme in my room so I was quite happy with it.

I keep my make up brushes in this Kilner glass jar, which I bought from the range here , and it is the perfect size to hold my little collection at arms reach. (Yes, I know I need to clean them…)



Moving on to the Muji storage, a few months ago I stalked the product pages on the website and picked up two of these drawers. I actually made a mistake as these are not stackable, therefore I currently struggle to get into the third drawer in my stack because I was too impatient to wait until the compatible drawers were in stock :). This consequently determines what goes in what drawer, which I will go into further in a minute. The drawers I should have bought were these (OH YES THANKS MUJI I CAN SEE THEY ARE IN STOCK NOW. Smug git.) I thought the flip up lid on the ones I bought would be useful, but in all honesty I’ve not really used them like that.

Here is a quick run down of how I use my Muji storage, for all 2 of you readers to take a gander at. Below is the ‘Skin and Blush’ Drawer:




Next is the ‘Eyes, And The Only Space For My Nars Bronzer’ drawer:





Then, comes the ‘Drawer That I Cannot Get Into, Therefore Holds Things I Rarely Use’:



Aaaaand finally is a ‘Lip and Massive Naked Palette’ drawer:




If anyone (yes 2 readers, I am talking to you) wants a more in depth go through of my drawers (shush it’s not that funny), let me know. I hope this was at least a smidge interesting!

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx

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