My September Beauty Wishlist :D

Hi Guys! 

I’ve posted wish lists before and this is definitely one of my favourite types of posts to write. It has a kind of PURSE FREEDOM that is very liberating, but potentially very dangerous. Somehow, posting about having/buying these products makes you marginally more comfortable with the idea of parting with money for these products.

It’s a double edged sword. 


Here we go! Go grab a nice beverage and read up on my latest beauty lusts:

Nyx Butter Gloss in Creme Brûlée, £5

I’ve got a couple of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams, but I’ve heard rave reviews about the quality of the butter glosses so I’d love to give these a try! They aren’t a crazy price point either so I’d say these are a healthily priced addition to anyone’s make up bags. If Nyx do anything well, it’s lip products 🙂

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in Translucent, £29

Well this powder is esspensiiiiiiiiii in the words of Kathleen Lights, lol. If any of you watch Youtube for beauty you’ll know who I’m talking about! It is expensive, but I’ve heard alot about it and seen so many youtubers using it – I am very intrigued. Especially because people use it to bake! I’ve never ever baked before and that in itself is very intriguing (I’m not talking about a Lemon Drizz’ here…yes that is my speciality).

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise in Bette, £22

Oooooh this is beautiful, right? This cream eyeshadow just looks amazing and I’d love to have this in my collection. The thing that does put me off is realistically, how often would I even use this and could I justify spending this much on a tiny little pot of gold (lol it’s not real gold obvs). I can’t help but imagine what it would look like on though with some wispy lashes <3

Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask, £5

I’ve used a sheet mask before and I found it all a very weird experience. If you are going to try a sheet mask, just be wary that you will look pretty scary! Having dry skin, these kinds of skincare products are perfect as they aim to inject moisture into the skin – they are particularly good if you are feeling a bit run down or poorly because these are the times when your skin might need a pick me up!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner Liquid Eyeliner, £16

In the liquid eyeliner department I have kinda stuck with one for a while, but not because I’m mad about it. It’s more just because I don’t know any better lol. I would say Kat Von D is a pretty safe bet to go with for a liquid liner – I’ve never tried anything from Kat Von D before but I think you could be quietly confident that this would be good :). The one up from this (well, maybe a few) would be the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen but I don’t think I could ever bring myself to pay £43 for a liner! YOU COULD GET A WHOLE MAKE UP COLLECTION FOR THAT. 

What things are you lusting for this month?

Thanks for reading,

Rosh xxx

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