My Essie Nail Polish Collection

Hi all!

I hope you are having a great week so far – you have got over hump day anyway so don’t worry the weekend is in sight now.

I’ve got back into the mood with painting my nails recently, I had some gel polish on and as soon as it grew out I was instantly disgusted and had to soak *peel* them off. I can’t stand it when there is a growing out gap it makes me feel a bit *bleurgh* so I took them off and began to browse my polish collection!

Noticing I had grown a small yet respectable collection of Essie nail polishes, I decided I would share them with you so you can see my favourite shades.

essie collection3

Essie polishes are great quality – the packaging is nice, they usually come with a big fat wide brush which makes application really easy and they have an amazing range of colours. They usually cost around £7.99 and they do tend to have 3 for 2 offers in Boots etc so they are a bit more expensive, but worth it.

essie collection

You will see that there are two colours that look very similar above – I can say that I don’t think they are very similar on the nail, but maroon burgundy colours are one of my favourite kind of polishes.

From left to right you have, Aruba Blue, Sugar Daddy, Skirting the Issue, Lilacism, Cute As A Button and Bordeaux. Skirting the Issue and Bordeaux are quite similar in the bottle, but Skirting the Issue is such a dark, deep burgundy that it is almost black (which I really like). Bordeaux is more of a reddy browny shade that pays off a bit lighter in colour.

Aruba Blue is the most GORGEOUS blue, it’s the kind of blue that you imagine an other worldly sea would look like. It’s shimmery and smooth, but the colour easily goes on opaque with one coat. I’d recommend this to anyone with darker skin tones as it looks really pretty on (which you can see here!)

Cute As a Button (bright pink) is the first Essie polish I tried *you can read that review here* and I still really like it – it’s quite a bright coral pink but very flattering and perfect for summer.

Sugar Daddy is a more ‘french manicure’ type of polish. It’s no where near as pigmented as the colour you get in the bottle – I pretty much use this as a top coat when I can’t be bothered to have proper colour on my nails. It’s still good but not my favourite! Also the name makes me cringe big time. Maybe that’s why I’m not as keen lol.

Lilacism is a bit of a wild card – it’s pastelly and lilacy and gorgeous from the bottle – it looks quite light but you’d be surprised at how flattering this is. It really is very pretty, perfect for spring and summer and really helps to brighten up your hands. I reviewed this after I bought it (which was a while ago, you can read it by clicking here!)

That’s my little modest collection of Essie polishes for you, are there any you have tried that I should buy ? **I mean research?**

Thanks for reading, as ever!

Lots of love,
Roshni xxx


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